EmotionsAI criterion

The EmotionsAI criterion is a segmentation criterion that enables you to create a segment

Heads up

To be able to use this segment, you must have an access to Emotions AI and activate the option from the Settings.


 📖 Definition

The Engagement level segment criterion enables you to restrict the visibility of a campaign to visitors based on their emotional needs.

This criterion is based on the EmotionsAI functionality that classifies the visitors into 10 needs depending on the way they interact on your website.


⚙️ Configuration

You can create segments based on one EmotionsAI need that you can include (ex: “visitors who need attention”) or exclude (ex: “visitors who don’t need attention”) . You can also mix and match several criteria (ex: “visitors who need attention or understanding”).

The only operator available is the “OR” operator because the 10 different traits are mutually exclusive. For example, if a visitor needs “attention”, he can’t cumulate another need and he will keep this trait until he switches from a browser to another, or his cookies are cleared.



The algorithm classifies visitors into 10 different needs according to their predictive pattern:

Need Explanation Predictive Pattern
❤️ Hedonic needs (Emotionals)
Attention Need to feel that everything is done to satisfy them High speed moves with a lot of seen content but low click rate
Comfort Need a pleasant environment, without disturbance or foreseeable effort Slow moves all over the screen, with many clicks
Community Need a strong connection with the people we care about and with our environment They use far less Apple devices than other users
Competition Need the thrill of competition, get or be the best Alternance between low & quick mouse movements
Safety Need to feel secure and in control of the environment Mouse movement from left to right with low scroll rate
🧠 Pragmatic needs (Rationals)
Change Discover new products and concepts, get out of the routine Great variety of plugins & languages installed on the browser,
Immediacy Need to be constantly stimulated by proposals for actions to be taken Main click zone on top-left of screen (1st CTA seen is clicked)
Notoriety Need low-risk choices, which have already been validated by a large number of people Alternance between small moves and pauses
Quality Need qualitative information to make decisions Small and slow mouse movements
Understanding Need factual and structured information to make decisions Long pause before any click


💡 Use Case

With EmotionsAI, 60% of A/B tests demonstrate a significant business impact on at least one type of visitor, resulting in x2 on CRO business impact.

Each emotional need can match a specific use case. For example:

  • Need of competition: you can create a banner on customer satisfaction or add a banner review to help the visitor compare the product with its competitors
  • Need of understanding: you can help the customer to better understand a product by creating more content on your product pages or by displaying hidden content (which generally requires a click)
  • Need of immediacy: sticking a call to action at the bottom of the page can help visitors make a decision by constantly showing them the main action to take
  • Need of Safety: the stronger presence of reassurance icons can help in improving the conversion rate


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