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The primary purpose of Widget Presets is to enhance your workflow by providing a convenient way to reuse successful widget configurations. Imagine being able to take a widget that performed exceptionally well in one campaign and effortlessly apply it to another campaign, achieving consistent results. Additionally, Widget Presets allow you to leverage widgets specifically designed for personalization within similar contexts. For example, you can reuse a widget tailored for a specific event in a subsequent event of the same nature, or apply a similar campaign for a different type of event.

By utilizing the Widget Presets feature, you have the ability to curate your own library of widgets, tailored to your unique needs and use cases. This empowers you to industrialize successful widget configurations, saving time and effort in recreating them from scratch. With Widget Presets, you can streamline your campaign management, optimize your workflow, and significantly increase efficiency.

Creating a Widget Preset

When you are satisfied with the configuration of a widget, you have the option to create a preset directly from the widget configurator. To initiate the creation of a preset, simply access the caret located next to the "Save" button within the configurator. Clicking on the caret will open a menu that presents an entry for saving the current configuration as a preset.


Upon selecting the "Save as Preset" option, a modal will appear, requesting a few pieces of information from you to finalize the save process. The modal will prompt you to provide a name for the preset, allowing you to easily identify and recognize it later. Additionally, you have the option to include an optional description for further context or details related to the preset. 


To further organize and categorize your presets, the modal will also prompt you to select a category for the preset. Categories provide a convenient way to group and classify presets based on their intended use, campaign type, or any other relevant criteria. This helps you quickly locate and retrieve the desired presets when needed.

Once you have filled in the necessary information in the modal and reviewed it for accuracy, simply click the "Save" button to proceed. The preset will then be saved and associated with your current account, ensuring that it is readily accessible for future use.

Use of a preset

The Widget Presets feature has been designed to ensure that using presets is as seamless and straightforward as using traditional widgets. This means that all the methods you typically employ to incorporate a widget into a campaign also provide the option to utilize a widget preset. By offering this consistency, we aim to make the integration of presets into your campaigns just as effortless as working with individual widgets.

In the following sections, we will explore various methods of incorporating widget presets into your campaigns. Whether you prefer to work directly within the Visual Editor or start from the widget gallery, the functionality and benefits of widget presets are readily accessible to you. 

Within the visual editor

Presets of the widget library

To leverage widget presets within the visual editor, you have various options at your disposal. One of the simplest methods is to access the widget add assistant while working on a variation. This will open the widget library, where you'll find a dedicated "Presets" tab containing all the presets saved in your account.


To use a widget preset, just head to the "Presets" tab in the widget library. Here, you'll find a comprehensive list of available presets. When you select a preset, the assistant will provide you with all the relevant information associated with that preset, such as the original widget, creation date, description, and other essential details.


Once you have reviewed the preset's information and confirmed that it aligns with your requirements, you can proceed to include the pre-configured widget in the currently edited variation. By validating this operation, the widget preset will be seamlessly incorporated into the variation you are working on, allowing you to leverage the saved configuration effortlessly.

Side panel of the widget creation assistant

Another approach to utilizing widget presets is by starting with the selection of a standard widget. If the widget you choose has one or more associated presets within your account, the assistant will display a side panel. This side panel will present you with a list of presets that have been created based on that specific widget.

When you select a preset from the side panel, you will be seamlessly guided through the previously explained process of incorporating presets. The assistant will provide you with all the relevant information related to the selected preset, allowing you to review and confirm its suitability for your current needs.


Note: When initiating from a preset, the side panel will also appear, showcasing all the presets derived from the same original widget. This feature grants you the ability to explore different presets associated with the selected widget and provides the flexibility to change your preset selection during the process. 

Widget configurator

As you work within the visual editor, there is another user-friendly method to leverage presets: accessing the widget configurator. When you add a widget, whether it's a standard widget or a preset, to a variation, the widget configurator will open. If the widget has associated presets, you'll notice a dedicated "Presets" tab within the configurator, specifically designed to facilitate your preset selection.

Within the "Presets" tab, you will find a comprehensive list of available presets for that particular widget type. Each entry represents a distinct preset configuration. To apply a preset, simply click on the "Apply" button associated with the desired preset. This action will instantly apply the preset's configuration settings to the current widget.

By utilizing the "Presets" tab in the widget configurator, you have an effortless way to explore and switch between different presets for a specific widget. Take the time to review the settings and select the most suitable preset for your current needs. This feature empowers you to efficiently customize your widgets and save valuable time during the campaign creation process.

Note: It's important to be aware that applying a preset through the "Presets" tab in the widget configurator will overwrite any existing configurations of the current widget. If the widget is in its original configuration (standard or preset), this will have minimal impact. However, if you have made advanced customizations to the widget, applying a preset will result in the loss of your previous modifications.

Before applying a preset to a widget that you have extensively customized, it's crucial to consider the potential consequences. Applying a preset will reset the widget to the saved configuration settings of the selected preset, erasing any previous modifications you made. Be mindful of this aspect and ensure that applying a preset aligns with your specific requirements.


Directly from the widget gallery

Outside of the Visual Editor, you have the opportunity to leverage presets directly from the Widget Library in your account. This functionality is similar to how you use standard widgets. Within the Widget Library, you'll find a dedicated "Presets" tab that provides a comprehensive list of all the available presets in your account.

Inside the "Presets" tab, each preset is presented as a card, featuring a "Use" button.

Clicking the "Use" button triggers a lightweight campaign creation assistant. This assistant prompts you to specify the campaign type, provide a name, and enter a URL.

Once you provide these details, the campaign is instantly created, and you are seamlessly redirected to the visual editor.

In the visual editor, you'll find a variation of the specified URL that includes the selected preset. The widget configurator is automatically opened, allowing you to start customizing and fine-tuning the widget configuration based on the chosen preset.

Considerations about presets application mechanism

Presets serve as a mechanism applied during widget initialization. When you include a preset in a variation, the engine first incorporates the standard widget and then applies the specific configurations from the preset.

It's important to understand the implications of this process:

  1. Flexibility for Customization: After the preset configurations have been applied, you have the freedom to modify the widget settings according to your specific needs. This means you can adapt the newly configured widget to your context by making further adjustments as necessary. Feel free to fine-tune the widget's appearance, behavior, or any other relevant parameters.

  2. Preset Changes Do Not Impact Existing Widgets: If you decide to change or modify a preset after widgets have already been configured using that preset, it will not affect the customized widgets. This safeguard prevents any unintended modifications to live widgets within ongoing campaigns. It ensures that the experience of visitors involved in the variation remains unaffected.


Other preset management features

Preset update

When you modify the properties of a widget that was initially configured using a preset, the platform allows you to update the preset with the new values set on the widget. This means that changes made to the widget after initialization can be propagated back to the original preset.

To update the preset with the modified widget properties, you can use the "Edit existing preset" option accessed through the caret icon next to the widget configurator's save button. By selecting this option, the platform will update the configuration of the original preset with the current values of the widget.

It's important to note that this update to the preset configuration applies to the original preset itself. Any future widgets created from this preset will reflect the updated configuration. However, the existing widgets that were initialized using the preset will not be automatically updated. This ensures that the performance and consistency of live campaigns are maintained, and the visitor experience is not disrupted.

Preset deletion

Deleting a preset is straightforward within the Widget Gallery. For each preset, you'll find a management menu accessed through the ellipsis icon ("..."). This menu provides various options, including the ability to delete presets.

To delete a preset, simply access the management menu for the desired preset and select the delete option. This will remove the preset from your account.

Similar to what has been described earlier, when you delete a preset, it does not remove the configurations of widgets that were initialized using that preset. The deletion only affects the preset itself, ensuring that existing widgets retain their customized settings.


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