Global Experience Dashboard

The global dashboard is the first page displayed when you access your AB Tasty account and allows you to keep track of your C.R.O campaign's performance.

The dashboard keeps track of six main indicators:



Operation mode

The dashboard has two operation modes: single-account and multi-account view.

Single-account view

The single-account view mode is the default mode and displays data for a single account.

Multi-account view

The multi-account view mode displays aggregated data of all accounts within an organization. Multi-account view mode is activated automatically when you select all accounts in your organization.

🚩 Heads up

You must be a super admin of your organization to be able to select several accounts.


Campaign performance metrics

The dashboard shows real-time and historical tracking of your campaigns' performance.

⭐ Good to know

Campaigns are split by category and type where applicable.


Live Campaigns

This section shows the total number of campaigns currently running on your AB Tasty account. It is the sum of campaigns with live or live in QA status.

Campaign launch

This section shows the total number of times campaigns have been launched in the past 12 months. It is calculated by the sum of launches that took place, excluding campaigns in QA mode and counting only 1 launch per day per campaign at maximum.

Tag size

The tag size is the size of AB Tasty HTML tag, in kilobytes. Its size should be under 125 Kilobytes for optimal performance. For more information, go to the Performance Center article.

Campaign Activity

This section shows real-time updates on your scheduled campaigns.

It also includes the list of:

  • All campaigns with paused scheduled status ready to be launched on a future date.
  • All campaigns with recurring scheduled options that didn’t hit the last occurrence.

10 most active collaborators

This section shows the list of the 10 most active users on your AB Tasty account.

⭐ Good to know
An active user is a user whose last login time to AB Tasty was in the past 12 months. Users are sorted by number of connections, in descending order.


Unique visitors

This section shows two metrics:

  1. All: The total number of unique visitors tracked by the AB Tasty tag, regardless of whether they are assigned to a campaign.
  2. Tested: The total number of unique visitors (new) tracked by the AB Tasty tag, and assigned to a campaign.

Metric categories

All the metrics available in the Global Experience Dashboard are classified into three categories: 

  • Activities
  • Alerts
  • Performance


The Activities category regroups all the metrics related to your C.R.O campaign activities. The Activities metrics are:

  • Launched campaigns
  • Live campaigns
  • Most active users
  • Unique visitors


The Alerts category contains all different types of alerts related to events that occur during your campaigns. The Alerts metrics are:

  • Campaign activity — Schedule


This Performance category contains all the metrics related to the performance of the AB Tasty tag.  The Performance metrics are:

  • Tag size

Real time vs. Historical metrics

The Global Experience dashboard tracks two types of data: Real-time and Historical.

Real-time metrics

Real-time data metrics are identified by a “Real time” icon and label placed on top of the section. Real-time metrics cannot be filtered.

Historical metrics

Historical data are identified by a “Filter” icon followed by a date range. Those data are updated every day and can be filtered up to the past 12 months.


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