Subscription page

The Subscription page is part of your Organization’s settings. This page allows super administrators to see information related to your ongoing AB Tasty subscription in order to better keep track of the usage of the services and details of your Organization.


Plan details

The Plan section displays the type of contract linked to your Organization. You will find there, the name of your plan, the starting and ending date of your contract as well as the estimated number of Monthly Unique Visitors included in your subscription.


Your usage

This section daily updates your Estimated Monthly Unique Visitors (MUVs) tracked by the AB Tasty tag on all account(s) from your Organization, in the current month. Untracked traffic and bot traffic are excluded from this calculation.


History of contracted total UVs over time

The graph shows the history of Estimated Monthly Unique Visitors included in your Organization’s subscription starting from the beginning of your current subscription. This graph displays the sum of the estimated monthly traffic across all accounts from your Organization.



Your AB Tasty contacts

Directly connect with AB Tasty contacts in charge of your account. In this section, you will find the contact details of your Customer Success Manager and Key Account Manager.



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