👉 Audience recommendations

What is it?

In case you don't know where to begin or which audience to approach via AB Tasty, we have developed a feature to provide you with relevant recommendations.

Audience recommendation is an in-house tool designed to help you get started with building personalization or test campaigns by suggesting interesting audiences to activate.

To access the tool, simply go to the audience page.



How does it work?

Content interest segments recommendations

This use case utilizes our AI-based content interest targeting criteria, which allows you to create segments based on the interests of your website visitors. Each week, we display the top 10 recommendations in terms of keywords. If you would like more information on how content interest works, you can find detailed documentation just here.

Heads up⚡️

Please note that the first use case we developed, based on content interest, is currently only available for the Accelerate and Scale plans.


The ranking of the keywords is based on a score calculated from the following metrics:

  • Number of views of each keyword (i.e., the number of occurrences within page titles)
  • View rate of each keyword on the total number of page title occurrences
  • Transactions - The sum of transactions for all products with names containing the keywords
  • Transaction rate - The number of transactions for keyword-related products on the total number of transactions

The highest-scored keywords are displayed to give you an idea of the hot topics of interest on your website and to inspire potential campaigns based on those interests. If you want to explore the keywords further, you can go directly to the segment builder to browse all the keywords detected by the service in the past weeks.

Good to know 💡

  • We welcome your feedback on the recommendation feature.
  • We plan to add new sources of insights in the future (beyond page title occurrences) to tailor recommendations to your specific use cases and help you improve your business and personalization strategy.
  • To help us build the best audience recommendation iterations, please follow this link to a survey.


How to use it?

To use the audience recommendation feature, for each suggestion, you can either accept it by clicking the ⭐️ icon or decline it by clicking the ❌ icon.

  • If you accept a suggestion, the corresponding segment will be created based on that keyword, and you can find the new segment in the audience page segment list.
  • If you decline a suggestion, the recommendation service will not suggest the keyword to you again.


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