Setting up campaign goals

A goal is a metric that monitors your campaign's tests or personalizations and helps you make informed decision-making about your campaign.

The Goals step enables you to select goals from a list of indicators (which can be created and managed in the Visual editor or Goal Management page).

These indicators are divided into 5 different categories:

  • Action trackings
  • Page trackings
  • Custom trackings
  • Browsing Indicators
  • Transactions.

The primary goal is the most important metric monitoring the change being tested or personalized, while secondary goals are optional and be used to provide more insight on relevant metrics.w

Properly setting up your goals and tracking them is essential for the success of your campaigns.


NOTE Goals can be retroactive or non-retroactive. Retroactive goals are generated after the campaign starts, and the data is automatically populated. Non-retroactive goals need to be set up before launching the campaign.


Create goals

  1. Click on Web Experimentation or Personalization.

  1. Select a campaign you want to set up goals for.
  2. Click on goals and select the category related to the goal you want to set.
  3. Select the indicators for the goals. You can select or unselect all available goals by clicking on the Select all checkbox.

  1. Save your changes.


NOTE The first goal selected will be set up as the "Primary goal". All the following goals selected will be assigned as "Secondary goals"


You can access the Goal management page by clicking on the Manage Tracking indicators button. The Goal management page allows you to manage all your tracking indicators in bulk.


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