👉 Differentiate display frequency and scheduler

The more features we build inside our platform to bring you value, the more we need to accompany you on how to best use those. Moreover, we need to make sure that what we build answers your main needs and use cases.

We will dig-in that article on the differences that exist between the scheduler and the display frequency option inside the targeting. After going through this article, you’ll be able to clearly see in which cases you could use one of these two options. 



The scheduler


The scheduler has been built to allow you to play or pause one campaign at a precise date or timeframe that you’ll choose in the interface. The scheduler impacts that status of the campaign. It either plays or pauses it. Therefore, you do not need to manually activate it at the desired time, you can safely rely on our automatic scheduling feature to do so.


The display frequency option


This option has been built as a targeting criteria, which means it is at the same level of configuration as the segment or the trigger. While scheduler plays with the campaign’ global status, the display frequency will be a key element to define when the campaign will be triggered once put live by you or someone from your team. This will be defined on the user level (cookie).



Please be careful, the display frequency options are not totally similar to the recurrence options that you can find in the widgets forms. They apply at the user level (thus on the whole campaign targeting) and are not a display condition for the modification/widget per se.
For example, if you want to display a message targeting all your URLs (or a wide ‘contains’) and having as frequency option ‘every 2 sessions’, the message will not only appear once on one page during the ongoing session as you may expect.

Instead, the user will be affected on every targeted page ('Where' section) during the ongoing session.
Same goes for 'every x days' and 'every x weeks' conditions.

If you want to display the modifications made only one time per session, please use the frequency options 'Once per session'.


Use cases 

Let’s play the “use-cases game” to know when to use what 😎 In the first column, you will find different use cases that you could face in your experiment journey (either when you want to test new ideas or personalize your visitor journey). In the second one, the option that we advise you to choose to configure well your experiment. 


👉 Use cases

✅ Right option to choose

I want to launch my campaign during the launch of our special winter sales weekend.


I want my banner to be displayed only one time per user to avoid disturbing to much their navigation on my website. 

Targeting display frequency option > 'Once' or 'Once per session'

OR see widget recurrence conditions

I want to strictly limit my campaign and launch it during weekends only for the coming year. 


I want to promote my newsletter to every user each three sessions until they accept it.

Targeting display frequency option > 'Every 3 sessions'


Hope this article help you get a better idea about this two different features. If you still have a question or do not know which option to choose, do not hesitate to get back at your AB Tasty interlocutor, or ask our support 🚀

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