Infinity is a Call Tracking platform that has partnered with AB Tasty.

Call tracking is a solution that enables you to display a telephone number on a website to track the calls made by visitors and analyze the impact of the campaign linked to this number.


This tracking telephone number lets you link a visitor to a call and analyze the visitor's interest in a given campaign.

Thanks to Call Tracking, you can collect information on the reliability of your customer service and the efficiency of progress tests.


Infinity and AB Tasty


AB Tasty is joining forces with Infinity to offer you even more precise and advanced campaign analysis.

Integration is based on the following principle: Infinity generates a unique and temporary telephone number assigned to each person who visits a website where one or more AB Tasty campaigns are running.


Infinity collects the following information related to AB Tasty:

  • visitor ID;
  • account ID;
  • campaign information (ID, URL, creation date, number of variations, allocation, and targeting).


Infinity then links this information to the generated telephone number and sends it to AB Tasty in the form of an event displayed in your reporting.

This means that the data provided by Infinity in your reporting enable you to know precisely how many people have called your customer service out of all the visitors who saw the campaign.


The results are visible in AB Tasty reporting in the form of action tracking named “Call Infinity”, as shown below:


In this example, out of 14 visitors who saw variation 1 of the test, one person clicked the telephone number to contact the website’s customer service; which represents a 7.14 % conversion rate out of all visitors.




To benefit from call tracking, you need to:

  • Have a contract with Infinity;
  • Have selected the latest version of the framework in your account settings.


Good to know 💡

This feature requires an Infinity license. To benefit from it, please contact your designated CSM.


To configure the integration of AB Tasty with Infinity, refer to the instructions on the Infinity website (Creating an AB Tasty integration).

No configuration of the AB Tasty platform is needed.


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