Choose this option if you want visitor consent to be managed by Didomi. Didomi is a Consent Management Platform (CMP) that enables you to manage your vendors (or third-party tools), and their associated purposes, and to configure the way your visitors can consent to data usage. There are two ways of integrating AB Tasty with Didomi:

  • Using our native integration: This method allows AB Tasty to execute without consent and to wait for the visitor’s consent to start collecting and storing data. This method is based on the Restrict cookie deposit option.
  • Using Didomi to manage tag injectionThis method allows AB Tasty to execute only when the visitor has given their consent. This means no AB Tasty campaign will run on your website until the visitor gives consent.


Heads up ⚡

We don’t recommend using the second method since the AB Tasty tag won’t be injected without the visitor’s consent.


Using our native integration


Selecting the AB Tasty default vendor in Didomi


In the Vendors & Purposes section of your consent notice configuration in Didomi, select AB Tasty 2.0 to use the most recent AB Tasty vendor.


The purposes related to the AB Tasty 2.0 vendor are as follows:

  • Measuring content performance
  • Developing and improving product
  • Storing and/or accessing information (cookies and others)
  • Selecting personalized content
  • Creating personalized content profiles

These last two are used for DMP usage in AB Tasty only; they won’t prevent the AB Tasty tag from collecting and storing regular data.


Creating a custom AB Tasty vendor in Didomi


If you don’t want to use our default vendor, you can create your own directly in Didomi via Settings > Vendors. Set up the name and purposes, and write down the generated custom vendor ID, as it will be useful further along in the process.

Good to know💡

For the Privacy policy field, you should refer to the AB Tasty Privacy policy.

Enabling Didomi’s integration in AB Tasty


To enable Didomi in AB Tasty, follow these steps:

  1. Go to AB Tasty Settings > Cookies > Cookie Deposit Method.
  2. Toggle the Restrict cookie deposit to Yes, to restrict AB Tasty data collection and storage until the consent has been given.
  3. Select which mode you want AB Tasty to operate on. In default mode, the tag will still execute but won’t collect or store any data on the visitor. In strict mode, the tag won’t execute until the consent condition is met. 
  4. Under AB Tasty cookies will be placed once, select Didomi.
  5. If you have a Custom Vendor ID set up in Didomi, fill in the corresponding field, otherwise, leave it empty. 
  6. Click Save.

The AB Tasty tag will check Didomi’s state each time a change is detected and will apply the corresponding rule.


Using Didomi to manage tag injection


You can use Didomi to inject the AB Tasty tag after consent has been granted by the visitor.

This method gives you more control and prevents our tag from downloading without a visitor’s consent. 

However, we don’t recommend using this method as it means that no AB Tasty campaign can be displayed until visitor consent has been given. This may generate a flickering effect when consent is granted (e.g.: with a patch campaign).


To use Didomi to manage tag injection, follow these steps:

  1. Refer to Didomi’s developer documentation to set up the AB Tasty tag in Didomi.
  2. Go to Settings > Cookies > Cookie Deposit Method and toggle Restrict cookie deposit to No.
  3. Check the box labeled: The cookie deposit restriction and its consent collection are handled on my side. AB Tasty will consider that consent has been given once it has started executing. Proof of consent will be sent as soon as it is executed.


For more information on Didomi, please refer to Didomi’s developer documentation.

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