Tealium is a Customer Data Platform that enables you to track the behavior of your website users.

The Tealium integration allows you to send the AB Tasty campaign data to Tealium.


How Campaign Data Is Sent


AB Tasty campaign data are sent as a custom event with event parameters.:

  • Event name is “abtasty” (tealium_event: 'abtasty')
  • Event parameter abtasty_campaign contains the Campaign ID and Campaign Name formatted as [campaign_id] campaign_name
  • Event parameter abtasty_variation contains the Variation ID and Variation Name formatted as [variation_id] variation_name

The event is sent using the utag.link() method.


How to set up the integration?

  1. Access Integrations > Integration Hub.
  2. Search for and select Tealium.
  3. Click Setup connector.
  4. Give a name to your connector so you can easily retrieve it.
  5. Click Save and create connector.
  6. The integration is now set up and will be available when creating a new campaign. 

More information on how to link a campaign is here.


Heads up ⚡
You must update the AB Tasty tag to make your changes live.


Good to Know 💡
Please note that the setup of integration in the account settings is not applied retroactively to previously created campaigns. They only apply to newly created campaigns.


Setup Event Specification in Tealium


Event specifications are used to identify and standardize the events you want to collect in your EventStream implementation.


Once a new event is collected, such as the abtasty event, it is better to set up the specifications in Tealium:

  1. Go to the Tealium interface > EventStream > Event Specifications
  2. Click Add an Event Specification > Add custom specifications
  3. Fill the fields as follows
    1. Event Name: “abtasty”
    2. Add the attribute “abtasty_campaign” with a type string
    3. Add the attribute “abtasty_variation” with a type string

More information on Event Specifications here.


Verifying That AB Tasty Data Is Correctly Sent


Once you have set up the Tealium integration and activated it in an AB Tasty campaign you may want to verify that data is sent correctly to Tealium EventStream.

There are 2 options to do that check: 

  • Live Events: once a campaign is sending data to Tealium EventStream, you should be able to check the live incoming event on this interface. More information here
  • Tealium Trace: this tool allows you to see if you are sending events to Tealium. The process here is to get assigned to an AB Tasty campaign and check in Trace if an event is sent to Tealium. More information here.

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