Contentsquare is a SaaS solution that anonymously tracks all mouse movements, clicks, and mobile interactions within a website or app to provide insights into customers’ behavior. 


The tracking data is then aggregated and analyzed via scores, visualizations, and recommendations. 


Contentsquare and AB Tasty


AB Tasty is joining forces with Contentsquare to offer you even more precise and advanced campaign analyzes. 

Results regarding a campaign’s variant performance, a variant to fine-tune, a campaign, and/or variation to prioritize are integrated into Contentsquare analysis.

Contentsquare collects the following information related to AB Tasty: 

  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign ID 
  • Variation Name 
  • Variation ID



To enable the integration of Contentsquare and AB Tasty, follow the guidelines outlined in the Contentsquare documentation.

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