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Heap is a Product Analytics company that provides analytics infrastructure and helps their clients to focus on discovering insights and taking action, not writing tracking code.  

The Heap Analytics integration allows you to send the AB Tasty campaign data to your Heap Analytics project. 


How Campaign Data Is Sent

AB Tasty campaign data is set as Heap event properties so that all Heap events that fire will contain the AB Tasty campaign data. The properties are set with an event. Here are the event properties set by AB Tasty: 

  • Event name is “abtasty
  • abtasty_campaign contains the Campaign ID and Campaign Name formatted as [campaign_id] campaign_name
  • abtasty_variationcontains the Variation ID and Variation Name formatted as [variation_id] variation_name

Event is sent using the heap.track() method and event properties are set using the heap.addEventProperties() method.

More information about Heap properties and event properties is here.


How to set up the integration

You can set up the integration in AB Tasty:

  1. Access Integrations > Integration Hub.
  2. Search for and select Heap Analytics.
  3. Click Setup connector.
  4. Give a name to your connector so you can easily retrieve it.
  5. Click Save and create connector.

The integration is now set up and will be available when creating a new campaign. 


Heads up
You must update the AB Tasty tag to make your changes live.


Good to Know 💡
Please note that the setup of integration in the account settings is not applied retroactively to previously created campaigns. They only apply to newly created campaigns.

More information on how to analyze A/B testing data within Heap Analytics is here.


Integration check


⭐️Tip(s): This integration relies on the presence of the Heap SDK in the webpage's global scope. You can make sure this is the case by running window.heap"* in your developer tool console. If it is not undefined, the integration can work.


To test this integration, please open Heap’s live event visualizer, and browse any page of your website on which an ABTasty campaign is running. If the integration is working, an AB Tasty event will soon appear in the live event visualizer.


If you click on it, you will see that this event contains data describing the current campaign. 

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