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Heap is a Product Analytics company that provides analytics infrastructure and helps their clients to focus on discovering insights and taking action, not writing tracking code.  

The Heap Analytics integration allows you to import your Heap segments in AB Tasty so you can target them with AB Tasty campaigns.


Good to Know 💡- Heap Analytics Segments

A segment in Heap is any subset of users based on a particular criterion defined by you.

For further information on how to use segments, please refer to the Heap Analytics documentation.



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To enable the integration on AB Tasty, follow the steps below:


  1. Access Integrations > Integration Hub > Pull.
  2. Search for and select Heap Analytics.
  3. Click Setup connector.
  4. Give a name to your connector so you can easily retrieve it.
  5. Click Authorize and create.
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  7. You will be redirected to the Heap Analytics interface in which you will be able to allow AB Tasty integration to access your Heap environment (this is necessary to enable integration between the two tools). Click Allow.

  8. After clicking Allow you will be redirected to AB Tasty's integration setting page. The integration is set up and you will see it in the validated list. The TokenID field is automatically filled.


The Heap Analytics integration is set up. You now need to export the Heap segment to AB Tasty. This is done on the Heap Analytics interface, and it is explained in the next part of this article.


Exporting the Segments From Heap Analytics to AB Tasty


Now that the connection between the tools is established, you should see it in the Integrations > Directory (direct access through the left menu). 


To be able to target your Heap segments with AB Tasty campaigns, you now need to export the desired segments to AB Tasty.



To export the segments to AB Tasty, follow the steps below: 


  1. Access Definitions > Segments to see the list of defined segments.
  2. Select the segment you want to export to AB Tasty.


  3. In the segment panel, underIntegrations, turn on the AB Tasty switch.


  4. In the export config, choose ABTastyVisitorId as the Heap User ID. If it is the first time you export a segment, and you don't see the ABTastyVisitorId you might need to wait a few minutes/hours (time needed by Heap to collect the property).

    Good to Know 💡- ABTastyVistorID
    The ABTastyVisitorId is the matching key used for user recognition. It is sent to Heap once you enable the integration in AB Tasty (the first step of this guide).
    If it is the first time, you export a segment and you don't see the ABTastyVisitorId you might need to wait a few minutes/hours (time needed by Heap to collect the property).

  5. Click Confirm.


  6. You will be able to choose Enable Recurring Sync. We recommend using this option to keep your segment updated in AB Tasty. Confirm by clicking Enable Recurring Sync or Sync now.


Good to Know 💡- Technical Specifications

  • AB tasty pushes the ABTasty Visitor Id to Heap, and Heap includes it in the segment export. The ABTasty Visitor Id is used to match the user.
  • For the segments to be used in AB Tasty’s segment builder (once exported from Heap), we need to match at least one user i.e. Empty segments will not be displayed in the segment builder.




After you have activated and configured an integration, you will be able to retrieve Heap segments in the segment builder (available when you create a new segment). 

Audiences generated by your integrations are available under the criteria group DATA INTEGRATION

For each integration, you will have a corresponding item that you can drag and drop to use. 

For global information on how to build a targeting segment, please refer to this page.


Good to Know 💡- Audience Availability in the Segment Builder
For an audience to be available in the segment builder it must not be empty, meaning that we have to identify at least one user belonging to that audience. 

Once a user is identified, the audience will appear in the segment builder.

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