Inspiration with engagement level segmentation

Looking for inspiration while unlocking the power of AI-driven Engagement Level segmented audiences? This article can serve as a spark for you and your team when building out your personalization and experimentation roadmap.
Once you have created your segments and gathered enough data to prove their value (you can find more information on the setup in here), you can concentrate on crafting relevant and appealing campaigns. As different segments have different levels of engagement with your brand, products, and services - you will need to engage and capture their attention differently. We came up with a few ideas and examples of campaigns you may consider launching per segment.

Disengaged 😒

These are the visitors who either bounce or have very little interaction with your site.
To attract your disengaged segment and limit the number of bounces, your objective will be to quickly catch their attention. Here are the variety of use cases you might consider for this segment:

  • Retention modal with a welcome offer that can be triggered after a few seconds spent on the website. Your welcome offer needs to be attractive enough to generate attention. You can think of complimentary delivery for first orders, discounts on first orders, or some kind of gift to encourage the first conversion.

  • Exit intent modal can do the trick as well. You will see that it can be very performant to display a pop-up message while your visitor is heading to switch tabs in the browser. Of course, you need to come up with an eye-catching message or offer so that you make sure that it intrigues your visitors enough to stay on your website.
  • Another way of approaching your disengaged segment would be to work on your value proposition so that it’s perfectly visible, crystal clear, and descriptive enough to make your visitors quickly understand why they should stay on your website. You may be hesitating with a few ways of presenting and formulating your value proposition, that’s normal. In that case, why not A/B test it so that you see which one is the most suitable for your segment?  
  • Disengaged visitors may find it appealing to see the proof of concept for your products/services, as it could make them wonder if they should try it out as well. Highlight customer reviews to gain some credibility and prove your value of yours.

Wanderers 😐

Those are the visitors who mildly engage with your website but do not convert or transact.
For Wanderers, you can boost their engagement and encourage the first conversion by creating a feeling of urgency using:

  • Social proof. It can be a very powerful marketing technique to show that many more visitors are actively considering buying your product, but its stock level is low or very limited. The feeling of scarcity can be generated, which can push visitors to take immediate action and buy your product. This technique is widely used in the hospitality sector to reduce the time to buy, or e-commerce to drive visitor attention to products with low stock levels.


  • Countdown banners. This is another stress marketing technique that can do the magic and hurry your visitors into taking their decision. By displaying the time left until the end of a promotion or the availability of the product, you can turn your wanderers into first-time customers very quickly. Just make sure your banner is visible enough and compelling so that visitors would be encouraged to take immediate action. 


Valuable visitors 😊

They are "engaged visitors" who have converted at least once or even a few times.
The objective for you would be to turn them into loyal customers to encourage repeat business. You can obtain that by:

  • Promoting loyalty reward program subscription. It can be added as an additional step after a visitor has completed their purchase, or even during the purchasing process. Just make sure that you communicate well on all the advantages that they will obtain by joining your program and how it works exactly to avoid any confusion.


  • Gamification. It can really do the trick to make your customers come back for more. You can organize a wheel of fortune on your website, or some hide-and-seek games to animate your valuable audience and give them some additional fun. Here is a case study of Claris that describes their approach to this kind of animation and the generated results.  

Loyal clients 😍

These are your most engaged and highest-converting visitors.
You need to make sure to take good care of your valuable Loyal cluster by offering to recognize their loyalty. It can be done:

  • With a specific welcoming message, greeting the customer to come back to you and personalizing the communication with that person. You will be surprised by how different your customers may feel by simply calling them by their name.
  • By celebrating some major milestones related to your brand or even the personal life of your customer.
  • For example, it is always very pleasing to get a special treat for your birthday, so make sure you don’t forget about that while animating your loyal customers.
  • By a dedicated selection of products. Personalization definitely plays a major role in animating your loyal segment. By now, you should know those customers enough to be able to provide them with a selection of products based on their past purchases, searches, and interests. You cannot permit yourself to generalize your approach, you need to be super relevant and bring value.   


  • By giving them access to some exclusive content or offers. Being a loyal customer should be meaningful, and they need to be treated with special attention. How about letting them enter your private sales in advance, before anyone else? You can also provide them with some exclusive content or services that are only available to them. The possibilities here are endless, you just need to make sure you stand out in the market and differ enough so that customers won’t let you go.

It’s all in your hands now. 
Start with the most promising segments that will require the least time to convert. The quickest will be to address the Wanderers and Valuable visitors. You can then imagine some long-term strategies, properly addressing your disengaged visitors and loyal customers.

To summarize, please check out the below video describing engagement level segmentation.

>> Link to the video  

Happy optimizing!


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