Release notes 2022

December 2022

Brand new AB Tasty Knowledge base!

Your go-to for all questions AB Tasty has been revamped to help you find exactly what you’re looking for! In the Knowledge Base, you’ll find documentation, guides, troubleshooting, FAQs, and all our latest release notes.

The revamped Knowledge Base now includes:

  • Improved search to help you find what you need faster
  • Responsive design so you can navigate the documentation from any device
  • One topic, one page so you don’t have to click through page after page to browse a full topic easily
  • More videos to help guide you in the format you want to learn.KnewNL.png



November 2022

Audience comparison in reports

More insights. More confidence.

Want to know how a specific campaign worked on mobile vs. desktop visitors? Dig deeper into reports to take faster decisions using the new double-filtered view! 

You can also turn these filters into Filter Presets to analyze these audiences across all your reports.

Within the filter panel, you can:

  • Define in detail the audience filters you would like to track 
  • Cross-reference these audiences and compare campaign results
  • Save them as a Filter Preset to re-use across campaigns and maintain consistent reporting

Decide with confidence about the next steps, e.g. create personalization for your specific audience or turn it into production for everyone.



Pre-DOM Ready execution at campaign level

Speed up your campaign JavaScript execution.

Choose at campaign level when JavaScript executes. Decide in one click to run a campaign’s JavaScript before the page is DOM-Ready, improving JS loading time. Just toggle on or off “Wait for DOM-Ready to execute JS” in the Visual Editor’s campaign, JavaScript, or in the code editor. By default, your campaigns will wait for DOM-Ready to execute. You can change the default JavaScript execution behavior across campaigns in Advanced Settings. 



Visual Editor loading time

The Visual Editor is faster than ever!

To continuously improve our platform and save you time, we have optimized our Visual Editor. We’ve been working behind the scenes to improve the code and this has led to a reduction in the editor's weight by about 50%, and a faster loading time of around 40%.

 Check it out for yourself!


Find out what you’re missing…

Check out all our Audience Builder criteria!

You can now see the segment criteria that are available across all AB Tasty plans! See what other segments are available in our other plans, and click and drag them into the Audience Builder to understand how they work. Curious to find out more? Contact your Account Manager directly from the AB Tasty interface!


October 2022


Campaign Performance Center

Actionable insights for site performance

Because the speed of your site is crucial, the new Performance Center shows you if and how campaigns can be adjusted to improve overall performance - ensuring the best possible experience for your visitors. 

The page identifies for you campaigns that may be affecting site performance. It displays details on loading method, widget version, targeting verification, and old campaigns. From there, you can navigate directly to where in AB Tasty you need to go to solve the issue.



Campaign creation shortcut from the Widget Library

When inspiration strikes, seize the opportunity right away

If a widget from the Widget Library catches your eye, you can now try it immediately. Save time and quickly create a campaign with the widget of your choice (standard widgets or Custom Widgets) directly from the Widget Library using the campaign creation shortcut.

Choose the widget, click the "Use in Campaign" button, and a pop-up window will open asking you for some basic information. You're then ready to create a  new campaign that includes the widget of your choice.




Custom Widget Sharing


Share great customer experience ideas with other teams

A Custom Widget created by one user can be a source of inspiration for others, especially for companies with multiple brands or regions. You can now duplicate and deploy Custom Widgets to other accounts, easily sharing ideas across brands and markets, and reducing the time to market for campaigns

To do so, you simply need to select the Custom Widget(s) you wish to share, click "Duplicate" and, in the dedicated pop-in, choose the account(s) where you wish to duplicate the selected Custom Widget(s). Note that Custom Widgets can only be shared with accounts that you have access.



Improvements to campaign setup targeting & triggering

More visibility on campaign-specific settings

Select audiences more easily during campaign setup, by viewing the details of your audience configurations directly from the “Targeting” step! In this step yo,u can now see the defined segment or triggering conditions by hovering over the eye icon in the drop down menu. 

You’ll also notice the triggers and targeting lists are now organized into categories to help you find them more quickly. For triggers, easily view the one used in the campaign, triggers created for the campaign, the previous triggers saved, and the default ones. For targeting, you can now view the selected, default, and saved segments.



Add to targeting

Define targeted elements from the Visual Editor

It’s back, and better than ever! You can now select the element you want to be targeted  d ir e ctly from the Visual Editor with the option ‘Add to targeting’. This will then pre-fill the URL and CSS selector in the targeting configuration section, making it that much easier to personalize your campaigns.






September 2022


Content Interest update

Engage visitors based on the content they consume.

Finding inspiration for personalization campaigns just got easier with the Content Interest update. Identify at a glance consumers who share a common interest, and create for them a tailored experience. The most relevant keywords representing your visitors’ interests are now directly visible inside the audience builder, including view and transaction rates linked to each topic.

Create segment criteria based on your visitors' preferences for a specific topic on your website: it could be a specific line of products, an article, services, etc. Content Interest is powered by our AI! It leverages the keywords used in the title tags of your website;  it analyzes page views and transactions to decide if there's a real interest in a particular keyword.


Want to know more? 

👉 Check out the Content Interest documentation


Abandoned cart segment

Optimize conversion on abandoned carts.

They started shopping with you but left - and are now back on your site! Use this opportunity to reach out to your visitors who were just one step away from completing their purchase journey. With AB Tasty, you can now target those who have abandoned their carts to create tailored journeys that will maximize conversions.

Create different types of campaigns to recover abandoned carts. For example, target based on those who have high-value abandoned carts or those with a large number of items in their baskets.


Want to know more? 

👉 Check out the abandoned cart criteria documentation


Dashboard evolutions

Customize your campaign dashboards.

See what’s essential for you right away! You can now personalize your dashboard and directly view campaign readiness status. Also, 2 new columns, start and pause date, have arrived for your reading ease!


In the dashboard, you can now:

  • Filter by campaign type, status, or folder
  • See immediately when your campaign is ready to be analyzed
  • Sort campaigns easily by name, date, or status
  • Organize as you want: hide/display your preferred campaign info such as date, visitors, or duration



Want to know more? 

👉 Check out the Dashboard documentation




August 2022


Custom widgets - Early Adopter access

Let your good idea take flight


Our widgets enable you to create innovative and amazing experiences without any coding skills. But what if you had an idea for a widget that wasn’t on AB Tasty - yet?

Imagine that you could build your Widgets and make them available to any team in your company.

This is why we’re excited to introduce Custom Widgets! 

Repurpose your best ideas and easily scale them across teams, brands and markets. 

Developers code the new widget specific to your business needs and then add options so that marketers can customize and reuse them in any campaign without any coding knowledge.

All Custom Widgets created will be available in the widget library alongside those created by our team or any agency you could work with. And these Custom Widgets can be shared across all your functions and accounts. This not only makes it easy to reuse an idea but is also a great source of inspiration for your teams.




What are the benefits?

  • Scale new ideas to entertain and convert your customers

  • Facilitate collaboration between developers and marketers, saving time and reducing back and forth

  • Free developers from redundant tasks and empower marketers to be autonomous

For a limited time only, Custom Widgets will be available in early adopter access for all packages and without limits. Take advantage of this time to create stunning Custom Widgets.

Want to know more? 

👉 Check out the Customer Widgets documentation

Consent onboarding tour

Manage easily visitor consent to get the most out of your campaigns

What happens with your campaign if a visitor declines cookies? What's the recommended setup to be compliant with legislation like GDPR and CCPA?

Have Ally, our virtual assistant, guide you through the steps of consent collection. She will help you define:

  • If and how to collect consent (within AB Tasty or 3rd party tool)

  • Campaign behavior when visitor declines cookies for each type of campaign.



Want to know more? 

👉 Check out how to manage visitor's privacy

Campaign scheduler enhancements

Schedule campaigns to run regularly

The ability to schedule campaigns at regular intervals is back!

Easily set up the perfect timing and frequency for your experiments and personalizations, surf on your traffic peaks, boost recurring slowdowns, and manage weekends. Choose whether it repeats or not in specific time slots like after work, or on specific days like over the weekend.


Google Analytics 4

Start your new GA strategy now

Take advantage of the newest (and soon-to-be main) version of Google Analytics to analyze your campaign traffic, action your data and power your campaign personalization!

Google announced that starting July 2023 data will only flow into GA4 properties and UA will no longer process data. So, now is the time to start the transition to the new version using our seamless connectors to analyze your campaign data, and to personalize your campaigns using Google’s Audiences.


Want to know more? 

👉 Check out how to send campaign data to Google Analytics 4

👉 Check out how to pull audiences from Google Analytics 4


Granular targeting with Segment traits

Activate Segment’s real-time customer data with experimentation and personalization while completing your single view of the customer with campaign data.

Directly in our Audience Builder, you can now seamlessly target by Segment traits such as age, gender, account-specific plans, or even whether a user has seen a particular A/B test variation. Send your campaign data back to Segment to ensure a truly complete understanding of your customer.


👉 Check out how to pull traits from the Segment




Upcoming integrations: Tealium & Heap
Be an Early Adopter! 

Is Tealium your CDP of choice? Heap your Analytics solution? Join our Early Adopter program to test activating audiences and analyzing campaign data with these two solutions and AB Tasty.

Contact  to join our Early Adopter program.







June 2022


Tag Refresh Status

Deep-dive into what happens when your tag refreshes and better troubleshoot issues

We’ve updated the information status when clicking on refreshing the tag. You'll see in real-time the different steps your tag goes through and you'll know immediately if something is blocking your tag refresh and why.

Want to see what’s happening in real-time when you hit the refresh tag button if something is blocking your tag from refreshing and why? We're giving you behind-the-scenes access to the steps of the refresh process and see if your settings need to be adjusted.

Want to know more? 

👉 Check out the Tag refresh status documentation


Evolution of the "wait until" mode

Most accurate targeting criteria without compromising performance

Within the targeting phase, we’re evolving the option to wait for conditions to be met before a campaign is displayed, also called “wait until” mode. On July 1, we will offer an alternative mode that will replace the existing option in order to boost performance.

The “wait until mode” is one of two options available to decide when a campaign should be displayed. It continuously checks all the pages to validate that the conditions are met, which in some situations can have a small impact on performance because for pages with no conditions, our engine continues to search for them. As this is a popular option for some clients with a lot of pages or a lot of campaigns, it can lead to a bigger impact on performance. 

Our focus is on providing you with tools and features that will make your life easier and help you achieve your goals faster without compromising performance. After collecting feedback and analyzing product usage, we have designed an alternative to the “wait until” mode that will not only work the same but will be more efficient and reduce the execution time of the tag. You will now have separate options that are more granular and precise so you can choose exactly what you want to target:

Starting in July, these new options will replace the "wait until” mode. Don't worry about your current campaigns, as this only affects newly created campaigns. 


Want to know more?
👉 Check the product documentation. 
👉 Consult the FAQ 



Segment Integration (EA)

Granular targeting with Segment ‘traits’

Join our Early Adopter program to leverage Segment’s unified customer data to create even more personalized AB Tasty campaigns. Directly in our Audience Builder, you will be able to target by Segment’s traits such as age, gender, account-specific plans, or even whether a user has seen a particular A/B test variation. Contact us to find out more!

Contact to join our Early Adopter program.


Tooltip Widget Revamp

When you want to communicate with your visitors but not with a popin.

To facilitate maintenance and to reduce the size of the Tooltip widget, we have revamped its code.
In addition, we also:

  • Added all the options that were missing from the other widgets (choice of font, text size, etc.)

  • Introduced the possibility to add a custom icon or image

  • Included the animation option to display the tooltip widget.



Reporting Filter - Dates Selector

Easily include/exclude dates in your filters for in-depth analysis of your campaign performance.

We have streamlined the selection of dates in your filters for a better read and understanding of which days are included or excluded from your campaigns. 


Want to know more?

👉 Check the product documentation. 






May 2022


Google Sign-in

Easy Access to AB Tasty with your Google Account

There are now 3 ways for you to simply and securely access the AB Tasty platform. On top of classic login/password and SSO, you can now login directly with your professional Gmail account. 

No need to manage yet another user account and password! Extra fast login when you’re already signed in to your Google profile.



Want to know more about it? 

👉 Consult the logging in documentation







April 2022


New Mixpanel Integration

Target your analytics-driven cohorts

This new integration brings your analytics-driven audiences from Mixpanel into the AB Tasty segment builder for even more relevant campaigns. Mixpanel’s product analytics tool enables you to capture data on how users interact with your digital platforms. Within Mixpanel, you can build dynamic cohorts that share characteristics, experiences or behaviors: for example, build audiences based on purchase funnel stage, or customer lifecycle behavior.

Target your Mixpanel cohorts with experiments and personalizations, and go even more granular by combining them with AB Tasty criteria, such as Engagement Level, for an even more powerful targeting. For instance, in Mixpanel, create a cohort of users who have not purchased within the last 30 days but continue to be active within your email campaigns. Combine this with AB Tasty’s device and location targeting, and run a multi-page test with a coupon banner to identify where in the purchase funnel works best to finally convert them.

How these users respond to the tests can then be fed right back into Mixpanel using our existing integration that pushes campaign data from AB Tasty to Mixpanel.




Want to know more about it? 

👉 Check out the how to target Mixpanel cohorts documentation

👉 Check out the how to send campaign data to Mixpanel documentation


Coming Soon: Google Analytics 4 Integration

Activate GA4 Audiences with AB Tasty campaigns

Google recently announced the replacement of Universal Analytics (July of next year for those who missed it!), and now is the time to start actioning your GA4 strategy. Coming your way soon, you’ll be able to target your experimentation and personalization campaigns to audiences built in GA4, and drive higher engagement with your campaigns.  

With GA4 you can build segments by combining dimensions, metrics, and events, or leverage their templated and fully configured audiences. Build your audiences based on session, age, gender, purchase history, device, and more, or use ready-made audiences such as Recently Active Users. You can then import them into AB Tasty and target your campaigns using our Segment builder. Mix your Google Audiences with our audience criteria and our AI-powered segments. 

When building your journey strategy, remember that audiences created in GA4 can be leveraged in AB Tasty and also in Google Adwords. Here’s a sneak peek of what it will look like:




Want to be an Early Adopter? 👉  Contact us! 
This new integration is a first step, and will be followed shortly by a native integration for pushing campaign data into GA4.


Updates to our reporting

Date filter improvement

We’re constantly working to make it easier for you to measure the success of your campaigns and optimize where it matters. We’ve made filtering by date with data updates easier: now, if you want to apply a date filter you’ll immediately see what days have campaign data and be able to filter on those directly. 





March 2022


Filtered view and exclusion filters

Deep-dive into customer trends and campaign success.

Better understand your campaign success by analyzing customer behavior in more depth with the new filter view for our analytics.

The filtered view helps you identify trends and opportunities that you might otherwise have missed by comparing variation performance through different lenses. 

For example, while one variation may be a clear winner overall, by filtering you may see that one variation performs better on mobile, and the other on desktop. Once you’ve identified this, you can duplicate your experimentation campaign and create two personalizations that will ensure you haven’t missed any opportunities to convert. 


Campaign variations can also be compared by geolocation, browsers, new users versus returning users, etc. allowing you to better understand why a variation won or lost. When variation performance is close to the original, help decide between the two by looking at priority regions, or which one works best with loyal customers.

The filter update also comes with the ability to exclude.

The filters can also be used to exclude data from your campaign report. To do this, simply select the "red dot option" from the filters menu and select the days, countries or other factors you wish to exclude from your campaign. 


​​​​This exclusion feature will allow you to easily exclude anomalies in your  campaign report - you won't need to delete the data from your campaign, pause it and restart it to have solid data to make decisions. You can just remove the days, or the country concerned by the problem for example.

Want to know more about it? 

👉 Consult the Filters and exclusions in report documentation



Countdown Widget Update

Style your countdowns! 


​​​​​​​In order to adapt your countdowns to the specifics of your website, bring better readability, you can now decide to display your countdown elements on one or more lines.

Want to know more about it? 

👉 Consult the Countdown widget documentation


Social Sharing Widget Update

Let’s get social!


To better engage with your customers on the platforms they use, we have added Telegram to the list of social networks in the social sharing widget.


Want to know more about it? 

👉 Consult the Social sharing widget documentation



Snow Effect Widget Update

Control the weather 

Whether it's a 20-second animation or minutes of snowflake storms, you can now adjust how long the snowflake animation appears on your site!





February 2022


Widget Improvements

More ways for widgets to grab your customer’s attention


In January, we added 6 more ways to trigger your widgets, as well as animation options for your widgets to appear and disappear on the page. This is now available for all popin-shaped widgets! 

The following widgets don't need to be animated, and so they do not have the new animation options.

  • Tooltip

  • Tracking widgets (All)

  • Search & Replace

  • Virtual Click

  • Sticky Element

  • Celebrate

  • Social Sharing


Double the options for click-through with a second CTA


You can now add a second button to your pop-ins directly from the widget editor, without having to add any additional code. 

This new option is limited to adding one additional button. It is available for the following modal widgets.

  •  Banner

  •  Countdown

  •  Simple pop-in

  •  Image pop-in

  •  Video pop-in

  •  Scratch Card

  •  Before-After

"Congratulations, you made it!"


This is what you might say to someone who completes a progress bar with their actions. You'll be able to edit the text of a progress bar once it's completed to further enhance and personalize the user experience.

The modified text is only displayed when the progress bar is complete. If your customer cancels an action and the bar is no longer complete, the text will return to the original. There is no possibility to change the text when a milestone is reached for the moment.

Want to know more about it? 

👉 Consult the Progress bar documentation


Self Enrolling to the Next Tag Version

Enroll in the Next Tag version, whenever you want.


Directly from the settings, you can now sign up for Next Tag, our early adoption program for the AB Tasty tag, and benefit from the latest improvements made to the Tag. This is a specific, early branch, where we place our latest optimizations and features that have been tested and validated internally, but are still in early adopter. If for any reason you wish to revert to the current version of the tag, you can also do so from the settings with no impact to your campaigns.



Improved UX for building triggers & segments

Build and edit triggers & segments more easily

You’ll soon see updates to our targeting in the campaign creation workflow! These changes will make the experience more consistent between our trigger and segment features so that you have the same ease of use for both. 

There’s a new builder for your triggers! Gone are the days of in-panel building, now you will have a dedicated trigger builder, just like for your segments, that will allow you to drag and drop to combine trigger criteria more easily.
You’ll also notice new dropdown menus in the targeting campaign workflow, giving you an easier overview of existing custom triggers and segments, with the option to edit, duplicate and delete these directly in the menu. 




MS Dynamics 365 Commerce Integration

AB Tasty, the first EOP to be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce!

Customers of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce can now implement the AB Tasty tag to leverage experimentation and personalization features and optimize their e-commerce platform. Find out more about this new integration on the Microsoft AppSource page

This integration is only for AB Tasty for the moment.


Want to know more about it? 




January 2022


 🖥️ New platform navigation

Tomorrow! Sign in to your AB Tasty platform and discover how to get from A to B more quickly with our new navigation. More intuitive, easier to navigate and more room for your campaigns: see what’s changed, and how you can take full advantage of these new menus.

  • Easily access any area of the platform in a single click with our new sidebar navigation. Navigate more easily between Tests, Personalizations, Audience, Analysis and the ROI Dashboard

  • Collapse the sidebar and get more workspace for your campaigns


  • Adjust settings more easily, with a re-organized and consolidated menu to match our customer’s most-used options


  • Use the new workflow header to get a better bird’s eye view of your campaign’s status. It includes an editable campaign name, status, reporting, and tag. 

  • Check-out the new login button to take you directly to Flagship, so you can experiment, personalize & manage features for web, mobile and apps.


Like what you see? See room for improvement? Let us know! As for any feedback, share your comments with us on our Canny board or reach out directly. 

Want to know more about it? 

👉 Consult the blog post on our new UI


🏷️✨ Enroll in the next version of the tag

Enroll in the Next Tag version, whenever you want.



From now on, directly in the settings, you can decide to enrol autonomously to the Next Tag version without having to ask anyone at AB Tasty to do so. This way, you will benefit from the latest improvements made to the Tag. But if, for any reason, you wish to revert to the current version of the tag, you can also do so from the settings with no impact on your campaigns.



📊 Export Data

Leverage your campaigns data in the analysis tool of your choice.


We've updated the report's data export!

You can now export your goal data in CSV format and easily aggregate it with external metrics from other sources in a Google or Excel sheet. In addition, It's possible to choose between an aggregated or detailed level of data for each goal and each of your campaigns.

This improvement allows you to draw conclusions and make the best decisions for your user experience.

No more limits in your campaign performance analysis!

Want to know more about it? 

👉 Consult the CSV Data export documentation


💫 Widgets configuration update.

Take care of your widget introduction

We've added 6 more methods to trigger your widgets, as well as an animation section giving you the ability to select the type of animation for your widgets as they appear and disappear on the page. These updates are now available in the "Condition" tab for the following widgets for the moment: 

  • NPS

  • Promo Banner

  • Simple Popin

  • Scratch Card

  • Before-After Image

  • Social Proof

  • Iframe

  • Countdown

  • Image popin

  • Video popin

More widgets will be added to the list after.


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