Release notes 20/21

November 2021


AB Tasty New Releases

🎟️ Scratch card

 Holiday spirit is in the air and we know you're busy preparing for this hectic period. It's a great opportunity to take advantage of our ready-to-use widgets, such as the Celebration Widget and Snow Effect, and create a warm and festive experience for your visitors.

Now available in our set of widgets that delight your customers is the Scratch Card widget. Bring the fun and excitement of scratch-to-wins to your customers, without the disappointment of losing! In short, it allows you to display a pop-in containing an image (which can include text) that your visitors can scratch with their mouse to discover a special offer or a discount. Here are some uses cases:

  • Reward loyal customers with a discount or free shipping

  • Drive conversions by offering your customers a coupon code

  • Give a playful and whimsical feeling to your website (now is the ideal moment )

  • Unveil a new line of products or services

  • Drive traffic to your stores with vouchers to use on the spot

  • Collect customer knowledge by asking your visitor’s email or other information





October 2021


AB Tasty New Releases

🩹 Patches


Introducing Patches, the new feature that allows you to put tests and corrections into play quickly. Don't wait for your teams to get through their backlog of tasks to implement a winning test or an important correction - cut the time between campaigns and increase conversions by activating a Patch in just 4-steps. 

Use the 'Create' button to start a new patch, or duplicate the A/B or Multipage test you want to activate for all your visitors. Once your new features and/or corrections are ready to be shipped by your teams, easily find your Patches among other campaigns and deactivate them. 

Want to know more about it? 

👉 Consult the Patches documentation


💡Before & After widget :

Do you want to showcase a new version of a product or allow your customer to easily compare 2 products? Or maybe you're looking for a fun way to unveil a coupon on your website? 

Well, for all these use cases, you will love the new Before & After widget. 

Like for all our awesome widgets, you'll be able to create in minutes pop-ins or embedded images that include an interactive slider, allowing your users to drag the slider to compare two images.



🎉 Celebrate widget & Snow effect


Here comes the most festive time of the year!  From fall to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's Eve... so many opportunities to celebrate and get your customers into the holiday spirit!

We've improved 2 widgets that were already popular with our users: the celebration hat (formerly Christmas hat) and the snow effect. You can now modify settings such as size, or layout for the celebration hat, and animation speed, direction, and more for the snow effect; but most importantly, you'll now be able to choose from our icon library or upload your own icon! 



🤩Page Interest criteria


We’ve bolstered our segmentation features to help you better convert your consumers based on their preferences. Following the AI-powered segment Content interest and the trigger Visited pages, now you can reach consumers who have shown interest in certain products or services by segmenting by pages viewed (recent, or past) on the website. 



🗑️ Transaction goal delete option


AB Tasty users can set up as many transaction goals as needed to fully track and analyze the impact of their experimentation or personalization campaign on their business and calculate the ROI. But over time, users may have multiplied transaction goals that are no longer relevant, which creates difficulties in finding the right goal when building a campaign. 

In order to allow our users to clean up unused goals themselves, have a clean interface, save time, and make it easier to find the right goal, we added a transaction management tool in the campaign’s Goal Step.




September 2021


AB Tasty New Releases


🔝 Prioritization of personalization:

As you scale the personalized experiences being delivered to exceed your users expectations, it becomes frighteningly easy to introduce friction and an unpleasant experience unintentionally. Imagine you or someone on the team creates one personalized experience for VIP users and another for users located in New York. This is where the unintentional consequences come into play as you think about what experience a VIP user living in New York receives? The new personalization prioritization feature not only helps you identify when conflicts exist but also makes it easy to drag and drop your campaigns into a priority order.


🙋‍♀️ Discover Ally, your virtual assistant


Have you ever felt lost? Not knowing what kind of campaign you should create? Maybe you are just curious about what you can do with AB Tasty, and are open to new opportunities. Or maybe you want to spend your time with your CSM on strategic topics while gaining more self-service autonomy within the platform. 

Whatever your reason, we are happy to introduce Ally, the Virtual Assistant who will help you decide the right campaign based on your goals & objectives. 

This assistant can be accessed by hovering over the CREATE button on the dashboard. 



📈 New reporting +Real time data



As you already know, AB Tasty enables a strong culture of experimentation. We already provide you with powerful tools to run many experiments that will lead you to build the best user experience.

The success of your experiments doesn't stop at building and launching your campaigns. Giving you the means to extract useful and clear information in real time, which you can share with your teams and use to optimize the experience and validate the investments being made is as important as the ability to create the campaign. 

That's why we've decided to further improve the readability of our reports and give you access to your data in real time

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the New Reporting. It includes a new feature called Realtime Report and a readability update, which aims to make campaign tracking and decision making easier. We've also added a readiness tracker that lets you know when a campaign reaches statistical significance and user count.


Want to know more about it? 

New Reporting UI : Enhanced access to KPIs, Readability and Decision process based on campaign performances.


Readiness : New monitoring insights,  it gives a “KPIs are statistically OK” status to a running campaign => Users can start making decisions out of the report stats.


Realtime report : Make sure a campaign works well just after setting it live.


📍 New layout option for simple popin modals:


Always simplifying your experience on AB Tasty we have added a new layout option for pop-in widgets (e.g. simple, image and video). Users can now select the positioning of the pop-in on the screen. Previously bound to one position (centre of the screen), they can now easily configure the position within the widgets' layout tab by selecting the wanted position out of 9 options in a new 3x3 grid. 

Full list of widgets (with version) supporting the pop-in positioning:

  • NPS: 1.2 +

  • Social Proof 1.3 +

  • Countdown: 3.2 +

  • Simple Pop-in: 1.2 +

  • Image Pop-in: 1.2 +

  • Video Pop-in: 1.3 +

  • Iframe: 1.6 +




August 2021


AB Tasty New Releases


📅 Campaign Schedulerto_boos_recurring_slow_downs.gif

Choosing the right timing and accurate frequency creates efficiency. 🚀That's why we're proud to introduce our revamped campaign scheduler, which allows you to be more relevant when planning your campaigns by choosing the right time and frequency, ultimately minimizing risk & maximizing the value of your efforts.

The New Campaign Scheduler enables you to define the time your campaign will be automatically played/paused and choose the recurrence you want it to be repeated:

Here are the new options:

  • Doesn’t repeat: as of today, the campaign will be played/paused only once.

  • Everyday: the campaign will be played everyday (from Monday to Sunday).

  • Every weekday: the campaign will be played every day from Monday to Friday.

  • Every weekend: the campaign will be played every Saturday and Sunday.

  • Or create a custom recurrence where you can choose which day(s) you want your campaign to be played/paused on.


🤝 Share your QA Assistant and check your campaigns on any device


We are proud to announce that the QA Assistant has just been improved and includes the ability to share the QA Assistant through a QR code or URL link.

This new sharing option will allow you to open the QA Assistant on a mobile device. This means you will now be able to view campaign results on any device (desktop, smartphone or tablet) without having to be logged into AB Tasty.

You will find back the same functionalities as on desktop like knowing whether or not you are asisgned to a variation and the reasons for it. You will also find the event tabs and finally, you can also minimize the QA Assistant.


📈 Performance Center: New Interface


Earlier this year, AB Tasty released the Performance Center! This handy checklist allows you to see where you can make improvements in order to increase the Tag Performance. This will greatly impact your website's loading speed.

You can find the Performance Center in your AB Tasty account within the Settings. It tells you more about which changes you can make in order to improve the Tag Performance.

Thanks to our client's feedback, we have improved the UI of the Performance Center, which will visually help you prioritize & identify the areas that need your attention.



Have you ever dreamt of using your very own segments within AB Tasty? You can now make it happen with the Universal Data Connector API!

With the data extract of your segments (coming from for example a CDP, DMP, CRM system, Data Warehouse, you name it!) and some technical coding resources, you will be able to use your own segments in AB Tasty. This API gives the flexibility needed to compliment our growing partner ecosystem.




July 2021


AB Tasty New Releases


 🤝 AB Tasty and Microsoft Clarity are joining forces!

We're proud to announce our brand new native integration: AB Tasty & Microsoft Clarity. Microsoft Clarity is a free Insights solution that allows you to understand how visitors are interacting with your website through Session Recording and Heatmaps. Our native integration enables you to link your campaign's data directly to Clarity and navigate directly from AB Tasty's settings to the Microsoft Clarity Insights.

Thanks to Clarity's Session Recording and Heatmaps, you will gain more insights about your visitors' behavior on your website. This behavioral analytic data is a critical input to your experimentation & personalization initiatives and the combined value ultimately leads to achieving your business goals.

The native integration is a quick and easy way to use Clarity's services for your AB Tasty campaigns. One of our trusted partners, InetAsia, is just as thrilled about the integration as we are:




🔧 Outdated Widget version alert


To guarantee you better performances when duplicating a campaign we improved the widgets library. 

When you know a campaign is working well, you've already created campaigns for seasonal events that will repeat the following year, or you just like the ideas you put into a campaign, duplicating it is very convenient. But sometimes, between the time you created the campaign and the time you duplicate it, we've updated the widget you used. 

By not using the latest available version of the widget (from the widget library), you may not get the latest options (new entries, new style options, new layouts, new conditions...). Also, it might not be the most compatible widget with the latest browsers while all our latest widgets are SPA compatible (React, Vue, Svelte, Angular, Ember...) and it might contain a bug that has been fixed since.

That's why we improved our widget library to put an alert when you duplicate a campaign including an outdated version of a widget.

You will find a message in the header of the widget creation tab. We have also placed a link to the documentation of our widget there. This will ensure that you are using the latest version of your favorite widget.






Juin 2021


AB Tasty New Releases

🍪 New Privacy Options


When tracking the visitors on your website with AB Tasty, it is important that you value and respect their privacy. But more importantly: it has become mandatory in some regions to get consent from your visitors before you track or collect any of their data.

We offer several options for managing the cookie consent on your website. You can decide to handle the consent

  • on your end

  • with a third-party tool (like a Tag Management System)

  • with our Didomi integration (a Consent Management Platform)

  • a specific cookie

  • a custom Javascript deposit

  • directly with the AB Tasty tag

With the last three options, it was only possible to choose between not executing any campaigns or executing all of them while waiting for the consent (strict mode).

And now with this release: we offer more flexible granular options than just two modes! You can now decide per type of campaign whether you would like to restrict the execution, or whether you would like to execute the campaign before collecting consent. This gives you all the power: you can decide when your campaigns are being executed.


📑 New trigger: visited pages 



We know that the secret to an effective campaign is the right message at the right time. But what about the customer journey? Your messages should be adapted to what your customers have been experiencing on your website. With that in mind, we've launched the new trigger criteria: Pages Visited more accurately target your visitors and provide them with the best experience based on the pages they visited during their session. 

This new criterion allows you to trigger a campaign to visitors who have seen specific URLs at least a certain number of times during their current session. 


📝 Campaign overview 


Nothing is more frustrating than the feeling of forgetting something before launching a campaign. In order to free you from this unpleasant feeling, and to save you time by not having to go through all the steps to check that everything is fine, we've published the campaign overview so you can launch your campaigns with peace of mind.  In the QA & Overview step of the creation flow, you'll find a summary of the main settings where you'll see at a glance the different configurations of your campaign: subtest/page/experience to make sure you haven't forgotten any information before launching it.


Product Enhancements: 

Editor - Right Sidebar evolution 

We have made some improvements to the right sidebar that bring more logic to the user experience. Among the notable improvements, we moved the "CSS Variation" and "JavaScript Variation" from the variation menu to the right sidebar by clicking on "Variation code".


Widgets - The widget header has been enhanced

We added more information and lightened the interface a bit. In particular, we added a link to the documentation in the header


Editor & Widgets - "Copied" code

We added a shortcut to copy your code whether in the code modals (Element JS, Variation CSS, Variation JS, Campaign JS) or in the "Custom Trigger" of the widgets. The shortcut changes when clicked. It will save time as you won’t have to select all the code and then copy it.


Deferred Campaigns by default for all new campaigns

A while back AB Tasty introduced "deferred campaigns", we have recently improved this feature. Now that it's optimized, we decided to defer all new campaigns by default. You can modify this in step 6 of the campaign creation flow. Read more about deferred campaigns in this article.





May 2021


New Releases

💫 Optimization Cycle

As consumer behavior is constantly changing and evolving, so should your personalization campaigns. Identifying what changes should be made to keep your personalization campaigns relevant is hard and time-consuming.⏱️

Segmenting your audience, running experiments, creating/changing personalization campaigns, monitoring the results, and the list goes on. 🥱

Introducing Optimization Cycle 💫 A streamlined process to seamlessly transition your experiments into personalizations and personalizations into experiments. Save time on the administrative tasks and invest time in experimenting your way to personalized relevant experiences!



🧪 Experience Continuity

A culture of experimentation is great but not if it results in disjointed experiences and unreliable data. 😟 How do you ensure a visitor included in an experiment receives a consistent experience before and after logging in? What if this visitor starts their journey on a laptop and finishes on a mobile app? What impact does all this have on the data fueling your experimentation reports?

The answer to all these questions can be answered with Flagship & the new Experience Continuity feature! 🧪

Even if the visitorID changes, Experience Continuity delivers the sophistication required to run experiments without delivering a disjointed experience.




Avril 2021


New AB Tasty Releases

🕵️ QA Assistant

We know that you have been waiting for this one! After a lot of hard work, we are extremely proud to introduce the QA Assistant 🚀

We just turned the quality assurance part of campaign creation into an intuitive, quick and collaborative process. You can already forget about the browser console to QA on Desktop, the Mobile QA will be added soon. Just open the QA Assistant to access all your Variations and Pages and easily perform QA your campaigns. You don’t need to manipulate traffic allocation any more. 

We have even created a dedicated shortcut, so that you can launch it directly on your Page! 🎁



🏗️ Page Builder & Saved Pages 💾

Page_Builder.pngSetting up targeting for your campaigns can be a very time consuming and repetitive task.

The newly released Page Builder has been designed to save you this precious time and facilitate targeting definition. Page Builder enables you to simply define the structure of your whole website by saving your favorite URLs. The best part? You can use them directly from the targeting step with only one click. Just choose ‘Is or Is not Saved Pages’ from the dropdown menu and enjoy a few minutes saved! 💫  


📋 Active Changes Panel


Following our users' feedback we collected during workshops, we redesigned the history editing panel and greatly improved it to make it more reliable. Here is what changed:

  • Changes are now listed in anti-chronological order

  • Collaborators can now see who did what when. We can view the date and the email address of the last editor of a change

  • Users clearly identify the type (modification, widget, JavaScript or CSS code injection) & the sub-type (edit style, add an image, countdown, element JavaScript ..) of each change

  • Users can multi-select and execute batch actions such as hide/display or delete

  • Users now have better granularity when duplicating a variation as they can now create a variation from a selection of changes


✨ AB Tasty x Didomi Integration ✨

AB Tasty and Didomi have joined forces!

We now offer a productized turn-key integration with Didomi's Consent Management Platform. The AB Tasty & Didomi integration makes it very easy to handle cookie consent on your websites. With just a flip of the switch in both platforms, Didomi handles all matters of consent. Didomi provides fully customizable consent notices, adaptable to the style of your websites. 



Feature Enhancements ✅

🖼️ Replace Responsive Image Enhancements + new image formats


Do you remember that last month we introduced the Replace Responsive Image option to help you make sure that your website images are adapted to your visitors' bandwidth and screen resolution (viewport)? Well you'll be happy to know that we've already optimized it. Now the ratio is preserved and the transparency of the images is displayed. In addition, replaced images are displayed in the list on the left. 

Moreover, Webp, SVG and AVIF are now supported in the editor and in widgets (images, responsive images, background images). This will allow you to go further in your responsive approach. 



March 2021


General Availability

Editor Improvements ✍️

👨‍💻 Code Editor for A/B test campaigns

AB Tasty is known for having a best-in-class Visual editor but we recognize some of our users prefer a code editor.

Our Visual editor has always offered the ability to add Javascript or CSS code but it can present usability and efficiency issues. This is why we are pleased to introduce our new code editor!

Simply create, duplicate, rename or delete your variations. Quickly edit them to modify the layout, appearance, and content of your pages by writing or pasting your code in Javascript or CSS. Enjoy useful features like the search for a string with a shortcut keyboard or the autocompletion for Javascript. switch between editors whenever you want and keep editing your variations in any of them because the user experience is always a priority at AB Tasty. 


🖼️ Replace Responsive Image


If building the best possible user experience already includes spending time making sure that your website’s images are adapted to your visitors’ bandwidth and screen resolution (viewport), you will be happy to know that we have launched the “Replace Responsive Image” feature. You will be able to easily replace your jpg, png, and gif images for each of your breakpoints.



Tag improvements 🏷️

🚀 Take control with AB Tasty's Performance Center

As tag performance is a hot topic in the CXO world, our dedicated Tag Team continues to focus its efforts around performance.

One of the first steps in helping our customers optimize their tag performance is the release of the Performance Center.

Within the settings, available for every AB Tasty client, the tab "Performance Center" will show you a checklist your technical team can go through if they are encountering any performance-related issues. The Performance Center gives insights about the tag weight, best practices for code, and more information on what impacts performance. It gives you full transparency on performance, take control! Check out this video for more information:


🛒 Transaction Tag implementation


At AB Tasty we strive to constantly deliver value to our customers. This is why it is crucial for our clients to know the uplift they have realized thanks to AB Tasty campaigns.

Here comes the Transaction Tag implementation in play. We have released this dedicated tab in your Settings to simplify transaction tag set up by following clear installation steps. You will be able to choose between three installation modes - data layer, selector, or expert mode and quickly implement it.

Having the transactional data available in your reports would significantly increase the quality of your analysis. Moreover, we will be able to calculate and display on your dashboard the overall uplift you have released by using AB Tasty.

If you haven’t implemented your transaction tag yet, don’t wait any longer. This feature is just for you.




✨ AB Tasty, the first CX optimization platform on Zapier 


We are very proud to be the first CX optimization platform to introduce Zapier integration. 

You can now easily link AB Tasty with more than 3,000 apps available on Zapier including Slack, Jira, Trello, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Google Sheets, etc. Can you imagine receiving notifications on Slack whenever a new campaign is launched? Or updating a Trello card based on user activity? Or even creating Google Calendar events to remind you to rebuild the framework? These are just some examples of what you can now do with our integration with Zapier. We support a variety of different triggers so you can create the automation that fits your workflow best.




January 2021


General Availability

Dynamic allocation process for the A/B tests has been streamlined 


❤️We listened to your feedback and simplified the process for dynamic allocation.

Users had to decide whether they wanted to run a Predictive test or a classic A/B test and make the selection in the user interface. Customer feedback helped us realize we could streamline the workflow to set up an A/B test with dynamic allocation. We listened and have enhanced the  whole process to include dynamic allocation directly from the traffic allocation phase of creating an A/B test.


🔍 How does the Dynamic Allocation work?

Dynamic Allocation allows users to set up an A/B test with minimum risk thanks to the Multi-Armed-Bandit algorithm, Thompson Sampling and Bayesian statistical models algorithm. During a test the algorithm will detect the best performing variation and gradually allocate more traffic to it, maximizing your conversions since day 1. Dynamic Allocation can be based on any type of KPI (action tracking, page goal, transactional goal) excluding browsing metrics.


💡  Why using Dynamic Allocation ? 

Without Dynamic Allocation, users who are running a time-sensitive test and don’t have the luxury of  waiting  to perform a full standard A/B test would have to manually stop the campaign, reassign the traffic to the winning variation, then finally restart the campaign. This is not the recommended best practice as this is time consuming: users will face the risk of making mistakes in the traffic allocation and the campaign's update as well as risking to lose revenue.

Thanks to the Dynamic Allocation option when allocating traffic, users who are short on time will have the opportunity to directly allocate the traffic to the best variation without having to interfere with the campaign. This will secure quicker results & better ROI!

Dynamic Allocation can be very useful in the following cases: 

  • When users want to optimize micro conversions that are expected to occur in a short period after the user has been exposed to a variation. On e-commerce websites, for instance, some clients prefer the “add to cart” CTA over the transaction event as the primary goal.

  • When users have a very short time to run a test:

    • Running promotions for the holiday season with a few variations of the promotional engagement, where the business goal is maximizing revenue during this short period of time.

    • Covid crisis pushes a business to communicate with customers, this communication could present itself in a few different variations but the company just wants the winning variation to be used ASAP.

  • When a page that needs to be tested has really low traffic. Reaching statistical significance being a challenge due to the low traffic doesn’t mean you shouldn’t optimize the experience. Dynamic Allocation would be a logical choice where the more traffic receives the optimization even before reaching statistical significance. 

  • When there are a lot of variations to test (more than 6), dynamic allocation enables users to quickly identify the least performing variations in order to run the test on the most relevant ones.

🚀 How to get started? 

To use the Dynamic Allocation feature, first you have to create an A/B test. Go to Goals step and assign a primary goal to your test, as long as it is not a browsing metric. Then, on the Traffic allocation step, just click on the "Change to dynamic allocation" button to successfully switch your standard allocation to dynamic allocation. This is the workflow enhancement we hope you all enjoy!

To be able to see the result of an A/B test with dynamic allocation, you can go to the AB Tasty report page or click on the report button on the dashboard page like a regular A/B Test.

Dynamic Allocation is only available for customers in the Growth or Elite package. If you would like to explore upgrading to enjoy Dynamic Allocation and other AI-powered capabilities such as Engagement Level and Content Interest you can contact your KAM or CSM.





Fall 2020


General Availability

Client Side - Personalization




Personalization & experimentation campaign dashboards

The AB Tasty campaign dashboards you know and love have gotten a makeover! From UX improvements to quick access to ROI data, these improvements make it even easier to manage your campaigns and zero in on key metrics. For instance, you can see your number of live campaigns and global uplift at a glance.

Four new trigger and segmentation criteria

Make your personalization and experimentation campaigns more relevant  than ever. It’s now possible to trigger campaigns or build segments using the criteria ‘tablet visitors,’ ‘desktop visitors,’ ‘mobile visitors,’ and ‘visitors based on geolocation.’



Time-saving templates

Want an out-of-the-box setup that will help accelerate your time-to-market? All four of these criteria mentioned above are now also available as pre-configured templates in our growing segment template library.


Client-Side - Experimentation

Multivariate testing

We’ve enhanced the UI of our multivariate testing reporting, so it’s now even more intuitive. It’s never been easier or quicker to set up, run and analyze an MVT test.


Client-Side - Insights


User insights are a key part of digital optimization, so we’re excited to announce that we’ve enhanced our heatmaps feature so that it’s more robust than ever. Complement any insights analysis you’re conducting with a third-party analytics vendor or partner with our updated heatmaps, that include:

  • Insights into each variation associated with your experiment

  • Ability to compare two variations at the same time

  • Ability to view the aggregation of clicks on button and CTAs on the page with zoning

  • Ability to easily export the heatmap as an image to, for example, share with stakeholders the value of your hard work


Client-Side - Collaboration

Renaming variations & panel access 

Increase efficiency and save precious time! You can now rename variations in the traffic allocation step without needing to load the editor, or set up information in the targeting step (who/where/how/) without needing to open each panel. 




Enhanced pop-in and countdown widgets

We’ve added even more customization options to the popular pop-in widget! What’s included:

  • The pop-in dimensions are now easy to set and make responsive

  • A new styles and conditions tab

  • Easily round the corners of your images

  • Style title, text, and buttons with ease

  • Define your image over text ratio, position the image into the pop-in, and align the title and text

Our countdown widget also got an upgrade. With additional layout options and the ability to configure what happens when the clock strikes zero, you can have more control than ever around your urgency marketing campaigns. Gain time back in your day by easily adding an image to your countdown experience without needing to use the pop-in image widget.




Client Side - Open platform



Turnkey integrations with Heap, Amplitude, and Mixpanel

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve developed turnkey integrations with our friends over at Heap, Amplitude and Mixpanel. This means AB Tasty clients can push campaign and variation names and IDs into these platforms faster than you can say trick or treat.  It’s now quicker and easier than ever to leverage product analytics while optimizing the experience with AB Tasty.

Bonus! Our existing integration with Advalo now includes expiration timestamps, so you have even more control over when personalization campaigns are displayed.



Open AB Tasty: Custom Integration Connector 

Did you know you can now connect AB Tasty to any third party vendor, like an analytics tool, CRM, CDP and more? A simple copy/paste of a code snippet from your third party vendor is all it takes to get every last drop of value from your tech stack and pass campaign and variation data from the Open AB Tasty platform to wherever you’d like.


Flagship - Knowledge Enrichment



New developer portal 

It’s bigger, better and more robust than ever! Our developer portal has everything your R&D teams need to get started and go the distance with Flagship: the latest SDKs, documentation, how-tos…



Reporting updates for easy ROI tracking 

Our Flagship reporting just got better:

  • Average Value is now an available Sub-KPI. It’s based on the transaction revenue divided by the number of transactions, which gives visibility into the ROI achieved with each campaign. 

  • Reporting filters now allow you to drill down into context keys, values and additional information each time a visitor completes a transaction. 


Early Adopter

Flagship - SDKs Galore


It’s GO time!

We’ve released our GO SDK!  Save time and integrate your applications in the GO programming language with Flagship, without needing to manually configure the Decision API. 


Timeout Configuration for Python, iOS, and Android SDKs

Sleep sound knowing your synchronous API calls are configured to timeout, increasing performance and security. 





No matter where your end users are, you can be sure to deliver their digital experiences at lightning speed - and with less cost - thanks to bucketing. Available for all of our seven SDKs, and using MurmurHash and a serverless infrastructure with AWS.



Full JSON modifications

Go beyond simple string/boolean/number value modifications to full JSON modification support (array and object supported).




Polling for SDK bucketing on GO, JS, and Python

Don’t want to rely on users refreshing your mobile app? Don’t like restarting your server frequently? Now, you can schedule a bucketing refresh and spend your time focusing on more important tasks.


Easier access to campaign info

A much easier way to get your campaign information from any SDKs in use. You can now efficiently obtain:

  • Campaign Id

  • Variation Id


Flagship - Enhanced Tracking



Introducing: Flag Tracking

Don’t let old or broken flags clog your code. With our new Flag Tracking dashboard, you can easily monitor and edit all your flags that are live, paused, or in draft mode. 

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