👉 Using the QA Assistant on mobile devices

📖 Definition

The QA Assistant is an application (based on an iframe) that enables you to QA your campaign. It displays the campaigns that are live on the active page as well as information related to the events configured in the campaign.
It is accessible from a desktop or any mobile device, including tablets and mobile phones.
Performing the QA on a mobile device enables you to run campaign checks in a realistic environment.

⭐ Good to know

  • The QA Assistant is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows mobile operating systems.
  • The QA sessions (when the QA Assistant is opened or when the test is in QA mode) are not counted in the report once the test is launched in production without the QA mode.


⚙️ Configuration

The QA Assistant can be enabled on any website where the AB Tasty tag is implemented. 
There are 2 ways of launching the QA Assistant on your mobile device:
First, from the QA step, click Share link.

  1. Copy the link and send it to your mobile device.
  2. Click the link.

Scan the QR code with your mobile device.
The URL set up in the Main information step opens along with the QA Assistant on the default browser of the device.



🚩 Heads up

  • To access the QA Assistant on mobile, you must include the IP address of the mobile device used for the QA by enabling the IP Address parameter.
  • The sharing link can only be used once and has a validation limit of 8 hours. To generate a new link, click again on “Share link” from the QA step.
  • When opening the QA Assistant on a browser's emulator, make sure the zoom of the emulator is set at 100% in order to use the feature in the best conditions.


The QA Assistant on mobile displays two tabs that enable you to view and control various information on your website/page:

Campaigns tab

The campaigns tab is displayed by default and displays all campaigns that are live on the active page, whether you are assigned to them or not.
Each line, which relates to a specific campaign, displays the campaign type icon, the campaign name, the campaign ID and the overall status.

qaa_mobile_campaigns.jpeg.                   qaa_mobile_campaign_rejected.jpeg



On click



You can see the variation you are assigned to by clicking the campaign row. Then, you can switch to another variation by clicking Switch variation.



You can see the details of the targeting configuration (page URLs, Segment and Trigger) with the exact values you configured in AB Tasty and understand why you are rejected.


🚩 Heads up

For iPhone devices, since the iOS15 update, Safari automatically blocks/hides IP addresses to websites. As a consequence, you will see the “QA Rejected” status in the QA Assistant even if the QA conditions are met. To avoid this, go to your Safari settings > ‘Hide IP Address’ > ‘Off’. AB Tasty will then be able to read the IP addresses and affect the visitor to the campaign.


Events tab

The Events tab enables you to perform QA in real time and to make sure actions and custom trackings (custom tracking, action tracking and widget tracking) have been correctly implemented on your campaign.
The operating principles is the same as in the desktop version; for more information, refer to Using the QA Assistant > Events tab.

List of tracking types that can be verified with the QA Assistant: 

  • Action tracking (click tracking)
  • Custom tracking
  • Transaction goal
  • Element visible tracking
  • Dwell time tracking
  • Scroll rate tracking 
  • Iframe click tracking


🚩 Heads up

  • The page tracking is not compatible with the QA Assistant, your page goals won’t appear in the Events tab but will be displayed in the reporting interface.
  • Only events triggered when the QA Assistant is opened will be stored and displayed into the QA Assistant interface.


You can clear the events list by clicking on the “Clear history” button.


⭐ Good to know

To minimize the QA Assistant on mobile devices, click the AB Tasty logo in the top left corner. It will still be visible as a logo in the bottom left corner and you can move the bubble where you want to on your screen.
To close the QA assistant, press the AB Tasty bubble and drag it toward the cross.
To reopen it, you must generate a new link from step 7 of the campaign creation flow, by clicking on the Share link button again.


💡 Use cases

Using the QA Assistant on mobile devices can be useful in the following cases:

  • You want to check that the modifications, targeting and trackings of your campaign have been implemented correctly on mobile devices before pushing it live.
  • You want to know which campaigns are currently running on a specific page of your mobile website and their targeting conditions.
  • You want to understand why you don’t see a specific test on your mobile page. You can quickly see why you don’t match the targeting conditions, before changing the targeting section of your campaign.


For more information on the QA Assistant, refer to Using the QA Assistant on desktop.


If you have trouble opening the QA Assistant, please refer to Troubleshooting: QA Assistant doesn’t load on my website.


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