👉 New/returning visitors criterion

The New/returning visitors criterion is a segmentation criterion that enables you to create a segment

📖 Definition:

The new / returning visitor criterion enables you to segment your audience based on the presence (or absence) of the AB Tasty cookie (for more on this, please refer to our article on AB Tasty cookies).

⚙️ Configuration

From a practical standpoint, ever since you placed the AB Tasty tag on your website, AB Tasty has started collecting your visitors’ browsing data (sessions, page views, behavior).
Each visitor is assigned an AB Tasty cookie with a unique visitor ID when they go to your website and accept cookies. This cookie is valid for 13 months, unless the visitor uses incognito browsing or clears their cookies.
This method, which complies with current regulations (GDPD), enables us to identify first-time visitors (since the AB Tasty tag was placed) and returning visitors, and to create 2 complementary segments to be used for targeting personalization campaigns.

💡 Use case

Using the “New visitor” value, you can deliver a welcome message (modal, banner, etc.) which will only be seen by first-time visitors. 

🔎 How Does It Work?

The information comes from a specific ABTasty cookie. AB Tasty sets a value for each visitor in a specific variable (key is = ns for the number of sessions). This variable is incremented each time a visitor is initiating a session when the session’s first page loads. A new visitor is a visitor with an ns value of 1.


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