👉 Number of sessions criterion

The Number of sessions criterion is a segmentation criterion that enables you to create a segment

 📖 Definition

The “Number of sessions” criterion enables you to create an audience segment based on your users’ visit (or session) recurrence.

⭐ Good to know

A session ends after 30 minutes of inactivity. 

⚙️ Configuration

To use this criteria, drag and drop the Number of sessions label inside the middle column of the segment builder. You will have to choose from the following operators to configure your segment, which will determine the operation behind the value you will declare:

  • is greater than means you need to have made at least as many visits as the defined value (= at least) or more. In this case, a total of 4 visits is enough to be included in the segment.
  • is lower than means you need to have made strictly fewer visits than the defined value (= less than).

You will then have to declare the appropriate value in the last field.

Let’s say a user visited your website three times this month. If you have created a segment based on a number of sessions greater than 3, they will not be included in this segment. However, when they visit for the fourth time, they will be included in this segment.

This segmentation criteria is based on the AB Tasty cookie, which collects and treats the navigation data. If the user clears their cookies, uses a new browser, another device, or the incognito mode to visit your website, they will be considered as a new user and AB Tasty will be unable to acknowledge them as part of the segment or to count their new session.

💡 Use case

Basing yourself on the number of visits enables you to create segments related to your website’s traffic intensity. You can combine this criteria with others such as Purchase Frequency, for instance: 

  • Choose Number of sessions greater than 5
  • Then Purchase frequency equals 0

Using this technique, you will target a segment of your visitor who is "very interested, but hesitant".

🔎 How Does It Work?

The information comes from a specific ABTasty cookie. AB Tasty sets a value for each visitor in a specific variable (key is = ns for the number of sessions). This variable is incremented each time a visitor is initiating a session when the session’s first page loads. 


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