👉 Day(s) Since Last Session criterion

The Day(s) since last session criterion is a segmentation criterion that enables you to create a segment

 📖 Definition

The Day(s) since last session criterion enables you to create an audience segment based on the date of your visitors’ last visit (or session).

⭐ Good to know

A session ends after 30 minutes of inactivity.

⚙️ Configuration

To use this criteria, drag and drop the Days Since Last Session label inside the middle column of the segment builder. You will have to choose from the following operators to configure your segment, which will determine the operation behind the value you will declare:

  • is equal or greater than: will include the submitted value as long as every other superior values
  • is equal or lower than: will include the submitted value as long as every other inferior values  

Then enter the required value inside the number field. 

Let’s say a user visited your website 25 days ago and has not returned. If you have created a segment based on the Days Since Last Session criteria with the value 31, the user will join your segment precisely four days after its creation, as soon as he returns to your website.


⭐ Good to know

The number in the “days” field needs to be reached. If you enter 15, the number of days between the last session and the day of the return visit will have to equal at least 15

 💡 Use case

Basing yourself on the “Days since last session” criterion could enable you to create an audience segment targeting all users who haven't returned for a long time (this notion being specific to each business) in order to push a “Welcome back Message”. Used in combination with the “Number of sessions” criterion, it would enable you to create a segment of formerly very active visitors (recurring high visits) who have not returned at all for a while. 

🔎 How Does It Work?

AB Tasty records the date of their last session using a specific ABTasty cookie placed on the visitor’s browser. AB Tasty sets a value for each visitor in a specific variable (key is = pst for “previous session timestamp”). When the visitor returns to the website, AB Tasty checks the amount of time that has passed between this timestamp and the current date and approves visitor inclusion into the segment (or not).
This segmentation criterion is based on the AB Tasty cookie that saves the number of sessions. If the user clears their cookies, uses a new browser, another device, or the incognito mode to visit your website, they will be considered as a new user and AB Tasty will be unable to acknowledge them as part of the segment or to count their new session.


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