Campaign Exposure criterion

The Campaign Exposure criterion is a segmentation criterion that enables you to create a segment

 📖 Definition

The Campaign exposure criterion enables you to create a segment based on visitors’ exposure history to a previous test campaign or personalization. 

⚙️ Configuration

To use this criteria, drag and drop the campaign exposure label inside the middle column of the segment builder. You will have to choose from the following operators to configure your segment:

  • has seen the declared campaign
  • has not seen the declared campaign 

You will then have to choose which type of campaign you are interested in configuring between:

  • test/experimentation campaign
  • personalization campaign 

Regarding the type of campaign, AB Tasty will show you the list of all campaigns created on your account to choose from, to define your segment. 


For instance, you can create a segment of visitors who already saw a specific message from one of your previous AB Tasty campaigns. This can occur during the active session or a previous one.

To do this, select the type of campaign (test or personalization) you want to target in the first dropdown, then choose the name of the campaign and the scenario (in the case of a personalization) or the variation (in the case of a test) in which the message was configured.

You can select one campaign per line. To add another campaign, you can click Add condition and choose the condition to be added, from the dropdown. In this case, you will need to choose the operators you would like to use for your targeting.

It’s possible to add a value to select visitors who have seen a set of messages (all), or one message among several (some).

 💡 Use case

During a previous campaign, you displayed a message to users who were redirected from a special discount newsletter sent to VIP members. Now you want to create an audience segment made up of these users who saw the modal (and are therefore VIP members). Used in combination with a geolocalization criterion (Region = Paris for example), you will be able to create a segment of Parisian VIP users, to be targeted during an upcoming campaign for an event taking place in Paris.

🔎 How Does It Work?

The information comes from a specific ABTasty cookie. AB Tasty sets a value for each visitor in a specific variable (key is = th for “test history”). This variable is incremented each time a visitor is eligible for a campaign set in your account (please find the technical documentation here). In the case of master targeting, we use the child information to match the cookie value. 


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