Last Purchase criterion

The Last Purchase criterion is a segmentation criterion that enables you to create a segment. 

 📖 Definition

The Purchase frequency targeting criterion enables you to create a segment of visitors who made their latest purchase within a defined period of time.
The Last purchase criterion is based on the transaction tag, which enables you to collect specific information on the buying patterns of users.

⚙️ Configuration

To configure the Last purchase criterion, apply the following steps:

  1. Select the type of interval from the first drop-down list: within, beyond or between.
  2. In the Day(s) field, manually enter the value(s) depending on the chosen interval.

đźš© Heads up

For data confidentiality reasons, you cannot target visitors who made their last purchase over a year (365 days) ago.  
Keep in mind that this duration is depending on your browser settings and policy.

You can also refine targeting by adding advanced criteria, thus defining the last purchase based on the:

  • payment method;
  • delivery method;
  • SKU code of the product;
  • product category;
  • transaction amount;
  • coupon used.

đź’ˇ Use case

Example: a segment with people who made their last purchase using Paypal more than 14 days ago.

All the values that need to be filled in are your websites’ variables. You have to enter the exact string: “Paypal”, “clickandcollect” etc. and match spaces and special characters. 
However, you don’t need to match lowercase and uppercase letters. For example, “Paypal” and “paypal” will both work.You don’t need to specify the currency, just enter the amount in your website’s currency. 

🔎 How Does It Work?

Within the tag, we created an object called ABTastyData that contains information about your visitors’ journey. Inside this object, we store transactional data in locations called transaction and items. This is performed when you integrate the transaction tag on your website. With that integration, the generic tag receives hits from the transactional tag when your visitor validates a transaction.


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