👉 Browser criterion

Triggering criteria that enable to define a trigger

📖 Definition

The Browser triggering criterion enables you to include or exclude the web browser used by visitors for their current session. 

⚙️ Configuration

To configure the Browser criterion, select if you want to include (is) or exclude (is not) a specific web browser. Then, select the browser you want to include or exclude (according to your previous selection) in the second drop-down list. 
The browsers listed are the following: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, UC Browser. This is a non-exhaustive list as you can select another browser using the Custom option.
If you include a specific browser, all the other browsers will automatically be excluded from the targeting.
On the contrary, if you exclude a specific browser, the others will be included in the targeting of your campaign.

Browser version

For Safari, you can refine criteria by selecting a specific browser version.
To include a browser except for a specific version, start by including the browser, then exclude the browser version from the targeting. For example, if you want to target visitors using Safari except version 6 of the browser, select is > Safari > add condition > is not > Safari >6. This way, all browsers will be included in the targeting, including people using versions 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 of Safari.
Other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox also have different versions but require users to update their devices quite often. Visitors on Chrome or Firefox often use the latest version of the browser.

Custom browser

Each version of each browser has a specific value which differentiates them from each other. This is called the userAgent. If you want to use a browser that is not in the list of browsers, you need to use the Custom option.
To configure this option, you need to enter the value corresponding to the userAgent of the desired browser in the Enter browser field. 
To find this value, you can either check the browser’s console or consult a userAgentdatabase.

⭐ Good to know

In the Enter browser field, you can type either character strings or a regex.

For example, if you want to target visitors using Opera, which is not in the list of the most common browsers, you need to use the Custom option.
To do so, select is in the first drop-down list and Customin the second one. Then, in the Enter browser field, type OPR. To include a specific version of Opera (Opera 70 for example), you need to use the following regex in the Enter browser field: OPR\/70.

💡 Use case

You may want to display a message to warn your visitors that the widget they want to use on your website is not compatible with Safari. In this case, you need to display the campaign to users browsing on Safari.
To do so, select is > Safari in the Browser triggering criteria of your campaign.

🔎 How does it work?

ABTasty gets this information from our session storage “ABTastyUA” object. We call for the first time an external service called “Device Atlas” that helps us get the language information from user agent description and analysis. We store two pieces of information:

  • Browser name
  • Browser version  


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