👉 IP address criterion

The IP address criterion is a triggering criterion that enables you to create a trigger. 

📖 Definition

The IP address criterion enables you to restrict a campaign’s visibility to visitors using the same specific IP address. It is mainly used for running a campaign through the QA process.
This criterion applies regardless of the device used to view the campaign (mobile, tablet or desktop). If you are running the QA process from a tablet or a smartphone, make sure you are using the same Wi-Fi network as your desktop computer. To verify the IP address you're on, you can check it on mon-ip.io for instance.

⚙️ Configuration

To configure the IP address criteria, select if you want to include (is) or exclude (is not) an IP address.

Choose Visitor for a single IP address or Range for multiple IP addresses.

Then, enter the right addresses in the value field. 


👉 Visitor

When selecting the visitor option, you can either target your IP address (which can be shared with a network) or a specific IP address (other than the one linked to your network).

⭐ Good to know

Your network’s IP address is detected by default. You can copy it and use it to make a campaign visible only to people using the same IP address as you. 

You can also target several addresses at once. To do so, click add condition and enter the IP address. If two or more IP addresses are configured, at least one of these IP addresses will be targeted as a visitor has only one IP address.

👉 Range
When selecting the range option, you need to enter the first and last IP addresses of the range. This will trigger all the IP addresses belonging to a sub-network.

💡 Use case

  • This criteria is mainly used for running a campaign through the QA process, and is directly available in the QA step for that matter. 
  • Another use case could be to display a coupon code to the employees of your company only. To do so, go to the IP address criteria (Trigger) and select “is” > "visitor", and enter the IP address that is shared with your network. 

🔎 How does it work?

When the IP criteria are used, we call a specific service on our side. Then we write the information of the IP directly on the browser side, inside a session storage’ new object called “ABTastyGeoloc”. Of course, this service works only if the consent has been previously given by your visitor. To transform an IP to a readable targeting criteria, we translate those into specific integers that you could review inside your browser.  

When manually performing quality assurance (QA) on a campaign, it is important to clear your storage in order to account for any changes in your IP address, such as if you are using a floating address. This will ensure that AB Tasty assigns a new value to ABTastyGeoloc, as if it were your first visit. This step will help you to test the campaign as a new visitor would.


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