👉 Geolocation criterion

The Geolocation criterion is both a segmentation criterion and a triggering criterion. 
It enables you to create a segment or a trigger.  

📖 Definition

The Geolocation criterion enables you to restrict the visibility of a campaign to visitors based on their geographical location.
The location of a visitor is determined by an IP geolocation database provided by an external service and can be collected as soon as the visitor give their consent.

⚙️ Configuration

The configuration of the Geolocation criterion is the same for segments and triggers. 

You must choose from the following operators to configure your criterion, which will determine the operation behind the value you will declare:

  • is: to include the location. If you include a specific location, all the other locations will automatically be excluded from the targeting.
  • is not: to exclude the location. If you exclude a specific location, all the other locations will automatically be included in the targeting.

Then, select the country from the second drop-down list. You can also refine criteria by selecting a specific region, sub-region, and city (depending on the country you are targeting). You can save your configuration at every step depending on your needs (at a country/region/sub-region/city level). To include a country except for a specific zone, you need to exclude this zone from the targeting. For example, if you want to target your visitors located in the US except for those located in New York City, select is not >United States of America > New York(region) > New York(city). This way, all countries will be included in the targeting, including people located outside of New York city.

On the contrary, if you want to exclude a specific country, the other countries will be included in the targeting of your campaign.

🚩 Heads up

If you want to include France and exclude Belgium, you don’t need to configure the inclusion and the exclusion in the targeting of your campaign.
Indeed, if you select is > France, Belgium will be automatically excluded and if you select is not > Belgium, France will be automatically included.

💡 Use case

For example, if you want to display a popup on your website to inform users located in Florida that there is a physical store in Miami, you need to display the personalization campaign to users located in this specific area.
To do so, select is > United States of America > Florida in the segment of your campaign.


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