๐Ÿ‘‰ Uplift card

The uplift card shows the uplift generated by your AB Tasty campaigns on a given month.
This information can be analyzed from the ROI dashboard which provides a global overview of your CRO activity and enables you to monitor your campaignโ€™s performance over time. 

The uplift is the incremental revenue that would have been generated if the visitors who saw the original version had instead seen the variation, it can be related to the profit made on your campaign.
On the opposite, if the uplift is negative you will find it under the Secured gain section of the ROI dashboard. It corresponds to the revenue you have saved by not implementing an underperforming variation on production. 

๐Ÿšฉ Heads up

The Uplift card is only available for accounts where at least one transaction tag is implemented. 

โš™๏ธ Configuration

If you have several transaction tags implemented on your account, you need to choose the one you want to display data for via the drop-down list. 


The transaction name coincides with the name assigned to the transaction as it appears in the list of goals to configure and on the reporting. 
The selection is saved for all the next sessions and displayed by default when you come back to the dashboard. You can still select another transaction name at any time.
You can hide the transaction tags you donโ€™t use anymore, for more information, refer to Managing transaction indicators.


โž— Calculation

Uplift = Total Revenue (variation) - Potential Income (original version)
The uplift card on campaign dashboards shows: 

  • The uplift number: the sum of the uplift generated by your tests and personalizations campaigns separately, for a specific account in the current month and on a specific transaction tag you have selected beforehand.
    This number is based on the currency you have set up in your account settings.
  • A graph with the uplift evolution over the past months. On hover, you can see the uplift history over the past 6 months. Data is updated on a daily basis and shows the data up to day-1.

โญ Good to know

The graph is not displayed when no uplift has been generated for at least two months.

To see more data, click the uplift number to be redirected to the ROI dashboard.


No uplift

Here are the main reasons why you may not see any uplift on your campaign dashboard: 

No transaction tag has been implemented on your accountUplift_no_tag.png

The uplift calculation is only available on accounts where at least one transaction tag is implemented. To do so, please refer to All about tags.

You have just implemented a transaction tag


The uplift calculation is made on a daily basis and aggregated every month. If you have just implemented your transaction tag, the uplift metric will be updated as soon as your campaigns will start collecting data.

The month has just started


If you are looking at the uplift when the month has just started, it probably means that your campaignsโ€™ data have not been aggregated yet and taken into account in the uplift calculation.

You have campaigns running for months, but no uplift recorded on the tag


You have one or several campaigns that have been running for several days and/or months but you donโ€™t see any uplift generated. It probably means that your campaigns would not make any profit. Depending on the type of campaign you can consider the following solutions:
For test campaigns:

  • It can mean that the uplift is negative on your running campaigns, your tests have generated secured gain instead.
  • You may consider reviewing your test hypothesis and change your modifications if necessary.

For personalization campaigns:

  • You may consider keeping 10% of your visitors on the original version to enable uplift calculation.

No campaigns are currently running on your account


The uplift canโ€™t be calculated when no campaigns are live on your account. The uplift metric will be updated as soon as you will launch at least one campaign and that it will start collecting data.


๐Ÿ’ก Use case

Letโ€™s say your uplift card shows 7.5k for the Transaction affiliation in December 2021.

  • When clicking the timeframe or โ€œiโ€ icon, you are redirected to the ROI dashboard. 
  • When hovering the graph on December 2021, you can see that the number displayed is equal to the uplift number displayed on the card.
  • When clicking the transaction tag name, you can switch the transaction tag and display its corresponding uplift.

๐Ÿšฉ Heads up

From the ROI dashboard, to retrieve the uplift value, you must select the exact same transaction tag in case you have several transaction tags implemented. If you select several accounts, this value will be different. 


For more information on the ROI dashboard, refer to ROI Dashboard.


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