๐Ÿ‘‰ Using the QA Assistant on desktop

๐Ÿ“– Definition

The QA Assistant is an application (based on an iframe) that enables you to QA your campaign without having to open your browser console. It displays the campaigns that are live on the active page, those that are active on the website (other than the page you are viewing) as well as information related to the events configured in the campaign.

You can also use the QA Assistant on mobile devices, for more information, refer to Using the QA Assistant on mobile devices.


โญ Good to know

  • The QA Assistant is compatible with the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari. 
  • The QA sessions (when the QA Assistant is opened or when the test is in QA mode) are not counted in the report once the test is launched in production without the QA mode.


โš™๏ธ Configuration

The QA Assistant can be enabled on any website where the AB Tasty tag is implemented. 
There are 2 methods to launch the QA Assistant on your website.

  • From any campaign creation flow in AB Tasty:

From the QA step, click Open QA Assistant:

The URL set up in the Main information step opens in a new tab. The QA Assistant opens via a panel at the bottom of your page.

๐Ÿšฉ Heads up

The pop-ups blocked modal may display on your browser and prevent the QA Assistant from opening. To enable the page, select the option Always allow pop-ups and redirects from abtasty.com and validate.Blocking_popup.png

  • Directly on your website:
    1. Go to your website

    2. From the keyboard, type ctrl+Q+A: the QA Assistant opens via a panel at the bottom of your page

The QA Assistant displays three tabs, that enables you to view and control various information on your website/page:

Campaigns tab

The campaigns tab is displayed by default and is divided into two different sections: 

  • The top section displays all campaigns that are live on the active page, that is to say the campaigns you are assigned to.
  • The bottom section displays all campaigns that are currently live on your website, whether you are assigned to them or not.

Each line, which relates to a specific campaign, displays the test type, the campaign name, the campaign ID and the targeting configuration including the following information:

  • Page URLs (Where): the page URLs where the campaign is displayed.
  • Segment (Who): the segment of visitors targeted by the campaign.
  • Trigger (How): the trigger based on which the campaign is launched.
  • QA mode: whether the QA mode is enabled on the campaign or not.

 On the right of each line, you can see the overall campaign status:




The user matches all of the targeting criteria.


If one of the targeting criteria is rejected (page, audience or trigger), the user will be rejected from the whole campaign.
You can see the targeting details by clicking on the campaign row from the QA Assistant.

QA Rejected

The campaign is currently in QA and the user does not match at least one of the QA conditions.

Traffic Rejected

Less than 100% of the traffic is allocated to the campaign and the user is not affected to it. This status means that the user is being part of "untracked traffic" (visitors who see the original version of your website but whose actions wonโ€™t be collected at all).
To avoid it, as the information is stored in the AB Tasty cookie, you must either clear your cookies or navigate in a new incognito window (and close all previous private windows).


The campaign is configured in AJAX mode and the tag always checks the targeting.

1-test 1-visitor

The one visitor one test option is activated on your account and the user has already been affected to another campaign.

Missing data

Some information is missing to validate the targeting. It can be the case for geolocation or userAgent data for example.
You can see the targeting details by clicking on the campaign row from the QA Assistant.

Affected to another experience

The user is rejected from this experience because he is already affected to another experience of the same personalization campaign.

Tag is waiting for other perso subsegments to be checked before checking the current one.

Timeout loading variation data

For deferred campaigns, variation data has taken more than 3 seconds to be loaded so tag stop and don't execute the campaign.

Waiting for affectation

The tag is currently checking the targeting.

For campaigns triggered on event, the tag is waiting for manual activation thanks to ABTastyStartTest().




Targeting details

By clicking on the campaign row, you can see the details of the targeting configuration (page URLs, Segment and Trigger) in a table with the exact values you configured in AB Tasty. On the right side of the table, you can see your current status for each targeting criteria and, if you are rejected, understand why you are not affected to the campaign.
From there, you can go to the Targeting step of your campaign in order to edit the targeting set.


If you are looking for a specific campaign, from the search bar, you can enter the campaign id, campaign name or campaign type.


Events tab

The Events tab enables you to perform QA in real time and to verify that actions and custom tracking have been correctly implemented on your campaign.

The following tracking types that can be verified with the QA Assistant: 

  • Action tracking (click tracking)
  • Custom tracking
  • Transaction goal
  • Element visible tracking
  • Dwell time tracking
  • Scroll rate tracking 
  • Iframe click tracking

The page tracking is not compatible with the QA Assistant, your page goals wonโ€™t appear in the Events tab but will be displayed in the reporting interface.

๐Ÿšฉ Heads up

  • To perform the QA, you must be on a page included in the targeting of your campaign or on a page where tracking has been configured. 
  • Only events triggered when the QA Assistant is opened will be stored and displayed into the QA Assistant interface.

To do so, click the element of the page on which action tracking has been configured. The action name will automatically appear in the Events section, with the following information: 

  • The event name
  • The event type (action or custom tracking)
  • The campaign name and ID on which the event will be recorded
  • The variation name and ID on which the event will be recorded
  • The time at which the event was triggered


When clicking on the event name, you can see the corresponding element highlighted on the web page.

If you are looking for a specific event, from the search bar, you can enter the event id, event name or event type.

โญ Good to know

To minimize the QA Assistant, click the AB Tasty logo in the top left corner. The QA Assistant will still be visible as a logo in the bottom left corner. To close the QA assistant, click the cross that appears upon hovering over the AB Tasty logo.


Transaction tab

The transaction tab enables you to QA transaction events in real time.


โญ Good to know

The Transaction tag must be implemented on your website. For more information, please refer to All about tags.

If you have issues launching the QA Assistant, refer to Troubleshooting: QA Assistant doesnโ€™t load on my website.


Share link option

By clicking Share link, you have the possibility to share the QA Assistant link with a colleague to enable him to perform the QA of the campaign on the device of his choice (desktop, tablet, mobile).

The IP address of the device used by your colleague to QA the campaign must be included in the QA parameters.

The link can be used once and is available for a limited time of 8 hours.


๐Ÿ’ก Use cases

The QA Assistant can be useful for various reasons:

  • To QA your campaign. That is to say verify that the modifications, targeting and trackings have been implemented correctly.
  • To know what campaigns are currently running on your website or on a specific page. You can see all the running campaigns at a glance and check the targeting configuration.
  • To understand why you donโ€™t see a specific test on your website/page. When checking the targeting configuration, you can quickly see why you donโ€™t match the targeting, and return to the targeting section of your campaign to modify it.

Letโ€™s say you want to verify that the set-up, graphic modifications, targeting and trackings of your campaign have been implemented correctly. 
When using the QA Assistant, you donโ€™t have to apply 100% of the traffic to the variation you want to QA. You just need to enable the QA mode from the QA step of your campaign, launch your campaign and then use the keyboard shortcut to trigger the QA Assistant on a targeted page. 
From the QA Assistant, you can now verify that you are included in the targeting of your campaign and see the different variations you implemented in real time. 
In the variation column, you can select which variation you want to display on the page. Click on one variation from the dropdown list to display the matching modifications on the page. Then, you can perform actions on your website according to the events you want to track and verify that they are correctly set up.

If you have trouble opening the QA Assistant, please refer to Troubleshooting: QA Assistant doesnโ€™t load on my website.


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