👉 Understanding campaign readiness

📖 Definition

Campaign readiness is an indicator based on the campaign’s primary goal performance, which lets you know when your campaign has reached statistical reliability and is thus ready to be analyzed.

⭐ Good to know

Campaign readiness is based on the primary goal as it serves as a point of reference for the entire campaign and enables you to determine which variation performs best. However, calculation is not compatible with browsing metrics (Revisit rate, Pages per session and Bounce rate). If you selected a browsing metric as primary goal, we won’t be able monitor the campaign readiness on the dashboard and reporting.

➗ Calculation

Campaign readiness is based on the 3 following metrics:

Campaign duration

The campaign must be live for at least 14 days.

Traffic volumetry

At least 5,000 unique visitors must see each variation. 

Number of conversions

At least 300 unique conversions must take place on each variation on the primary goal .

Campaign readiness statuses

There are 4 campaign readiness statuses, enabling you to know whether or not the campaign is ready for analysis at a glance.

👀 What you see

🏁 Status

📝 Explanation

Green icon

Ready to be analyzed

Your campaign is statistically reliable. That is to say it has been live for more than 14 days and has had enough visitors and conversions on the primary goal.
You can access the report and start analyzing the results of your campaign.

Yellow icon


Not ready to give reliable results yet

Your campaign is not statistically reliable yet. Either because there have not been enough visitors and/or conversions on the primary goal; or because your campaign has been live for less than 14 days.

We recommend waiting before analyzing the results of your campaign.

Grey icon

No data

The campaign is live and hasn’t collected any data yet, is in QA or has never been launched.

No primary goal has been set

A primary goal has to be set up on this campaign to start calculating the readiness.

Test type is incompatible with the readiness calculation

Your test is a Multivariate campaign on which you can’t select any goals.

Unknown readiness

There is an API error, we were unable to calculate campaign readiness.

N/A icon

No access to reporting

There is no access to the reporting for this type of campaign (e.g. patches)


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