👉 Visited pages criterion

The Visited pages criterion is a triggering criterion that enables you to create a trigger.

📖 Definition

The Visited pages triggering criterion enables you to trigger a campaign to visitors that have seen specific URLs at least a specific number of times during their current session.

⚙️ Configuration

To configure the Visited pages criterion, you must specify the number of times a URL (or several URLs) has been seen during the session. To do so, select a number from the dropdown menu.
Then, you must declare one or several URLs by selecting the URL operator from the dropdown list and entering the corresponding string (an entire URL, a regex, a part of a URL and so on, depending on the operator you have chosen).
To add several URLs, click Add condition:

  • When including 2 or more URLs (is, is exactly, contains, is regular expression, is saved Page), the some operator is applied, meaning that at least one condition needs to be met.
  • When excluding 2 or more URLs (is not, is not exactly, does not contain, is not regular expression, is not saved Page), the all operator is applied, meaning that all conditions need to be met.
  • When including at least one URL and excluding at least one URL, the all operator is applied, meaning that all conditions need to be met. 

For more information, refer to Configuring several conditions with ALL and SOME operators.

⭐ Good to know

The functioning is the same as in the Where section

💡 Use case

Let’s say you want to display a coupon code on the Basket Page that would trigger only for visitors who saw a page containing /recipe/ in their URL during their session 

To do so:

  1. Choose the Visited pages triggering criterion in the How section of the targeting step of your campaign.
  2. From the first dropdown list, select the number of times the URL has been seen (in this case, select 1).
  3. Select contains > /recipe/
  4. In the Where section, select the is operator and enter the URL corresponding to the Basket Page.


🔎 How does it work?

The visited Pages criterion is based on information stored in the visitor’s browser' local Storage. Our tag creates a specific object called “ABTastyData” to collect different information on the visitor journey. For that matter (and for other targeting use cases), we store the following information in that object: 

  • Page URL
  • Page title
  • Current session number
  • Current timestamp

Technically and for confidentiality reasons, the “visited pages”  criteria will be restricted to the subdomain only, to respect specific browser policies. That means even if the tag is implemented on the +1 subdomain, the page’ count will be specific to each subdomain. 


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