👉 Linking your campaign’s data to Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is an analytics tool that helps you understand how users are interacting with your website through session recordings and heatmaps.

🚩 Heads up

The conditions of processing and storage of data related to the Clarity tag (deposited by AB Tasty upon activation of this integration) are governed by Clarity’s general terms and conditions of use (visible upon creation of the Clarity account). 


📖 Definition

The Microsoft Clarity integration page enables you to link your campaign’s data to Clarity, to use Clarity’s Insights including Session recordings and Heatmaps. These insights enable you to understand the users’ behavior on your website.

⚙️ Configuration 

To be able to link your campaign data to Clarity, you must have or create a Clarity account.

To activate the integration between AB Tasty and Clarity, please ask your KAM or CSM.

Access Microsoft clarity section

👉 Login to AB Tasty, navigate to the AB Tasty click the picto from top-right corner of your screen.

👉 Then choose Integrations and select Experience Analytics from the left-side menu.


Activate Microsoft clarity integration

  1. Once your dedicated CSM has activated the option for your account, turn the toggle button to YES.

  2. Enter your Clarity Project ID, which is available in the Clarity URL page. It includes numbers and letters following the https://clarity.microsoft.com/projects/view string.
  3. Click Save.

Clarity JavaScript code and the corresponding Project ID are added to the AB Tasty tag. This will automatically send campaign information (campaign ID, variation ID and visitor ID) to your Clarity account. 

You will then be able to retrieve this campaign information in your Clarity account for all campaigns created or launched after the feature has been enabled.When your campaign is ready to be analyzed, click the Session recording or Heatmap tab from the reporting to visualize the corresponding data directly in AB Tasty.

If you turn the toggle button to NO, the Clarity tag will no longer send campaign data to Clarity. You will still be able to view the data related to previous campaigns.


⭐ Good to know

You also have the option to manage the Clarity tag directly on your website. In this case, you must set the toggle button to NO.

For more information on Clarity, refer to https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/clarity/.


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