👉 Real-time reporting

📖 Definition

Real-time reporting is displayed as soon as you launch a campaign live. It enables you to monitor your campaigns almost in real time as the refresh rate on the performance statistics is very high. 
This is particularly helpful to check that data appear correctly in the reporting.


⚙️ Function

Real-time reporting automatically activates when you push a campaign live. 
It stops either when a campaign reaches 1,000 unique visitors or when it has been live for more than 12 hours (if you didn’t pause your campaign).

When real-time reporting is on, the data for each goal and each variation is updated every 5 minutes.
The card at the top left of the screen shows the following information: 

  • The number of unique visitors who have seen the campaign.
  • The date and time at which the results were last updated.
  • The next time the results will be updated (on hover on the Realtime_icon.png icon).



Data update rules in the reporting of your campaigns are as follows:

Up to 72 hours of test liveness, we update the report data every hour.
From 4 to 7 days, we update the report data every 4 hours.
From 8 to 14 days, we update the report data every 8 hours.
From 15 days to 30 days, we update the report data every 24 hours.
From 31 days to 60 days, we update the report data every 48 hours.
From 61 days and above, we update the report data every 168 hours (1 week).


Heads up ⚡

The report update is performed according to the "live" status, regardless of the QA status. 
A good practice is to clear the data after the QA to reset the update rules.


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