👉 Prioritization - Identifying conflicts between your campaigns

📖 Definition

Before prioritizing your personalization campaigns, you can identify potential conflicts between your campaigns to find out which ones should be prioritized and which priority to apply to each campaign.
A conflict happens when two or more campaigns either:

  • target the same saved page(s) OR the “all pages” option,
  • AND Target the same segment, or all visitors,

AND are live at the same time.


⚙️ Configuration

To identify potential conflicts between your personalization campaigns, you can use the 2 available filters.
AB Tasty compares campaigns according to the segment and saved Page(s):

  • By default, any segment is included in the all visitors segment and any saved Page is included in the all pages option.
  • All visitors is a segment in itself but it also means that no particular segment has been selected, so it matches any segment as well as the all visitors segment.
  • All pages means “all the pages of the website”, including all the saved Pages, so it matches any saved Page as well as the all pages option.

Filter by campaign

This filter is based on a specific campaign, which serves as a reference, that you must select from the dropdown list.
It enables you to display the campaigns that share the same targeting configuration:

  • the same segment OR all visitors (because this segment contains all other segments)
  • the same saved Page(s) OR the “all pages” option (because this option contains all the saved Pages)


Filter by segment and/or by saved Page

This filter works for all campaigns, and not one specifically.
You must select at least one segment and/or one saved Page from the dropdown lists.
This means you can either select:

  • one or several segments and no saved Page,
  • one or several saved Pages and no segment,
  • one or several saved Pages and one or several segments.

⭐ Good to know

The filters only take into account the saved Pages you configured in the Page Builder screen and the all pages option. If you haven’t configured any, you won’t be able to select a page from the dropdown list. If your campaign targets pages based on an ID/class/element, code or personalized URLs, they won’t appear in the dropdown list and these campaigns won’t be considered (they will be excluded by default).

For example, to find out which campaigns target both the home page and new visitors, when applying the filter, you will only see campaigns that target at least the home page (they can also target other URLs or saved Pages) and at least the new visitors segment (they can also target other segments).

🚩 Heads up
Using the filters enables you to identify campaigns which may be in conflict because they target the same segment and/or saved Page(s). However, it doesn’t take into account the trigger and layout.
For example, when using the Segment and saved Page filter, you notice that 2 campaigns are displayed on the home page and both target new visitors. However, one has no specific trigger and the other is triggered on exit intent. In this case, the conflict you have identified with the filter does not necessarily affect the user’s experience on the website. It is up to you to decide whether or not you want to prioritize them (or one of them).


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