Managing access to the AB Tasty public API 

The public API enables you to access various routes to the AB Tasty platform. This may be useful to recover information about your campaigns, carry out simple actions, or develop an Intranet-based interface.


Access can be granted to your developers or those outside your company (a tech partner or consultant, for instance). For them to use the public API, you need to generate access rights by selecting predefined roles that coincide with specific actions within AB Tasty.


Depending on the roles you grant them, your partners will be able to carry out the following actions:

  • Recover information related to your campaigns
  • Monitor your campaigns (running in production, pausing, scheduling, and duplicating tests and personalizations)
  • Manage your account’s users
  • Update the AB Tasty library
  • Empty the AB Tasty library in case of emergency


If necessary, you can also remove access rights for one or more people.


❗Caution: To generate access using the public API, you need administrator rights for your account.

Accessing the public API


To access the public API, follow these steps:


  1. Go to your dashboard and click image3.png , then click Settings
  2. Click Public API

Generating access credentials



To generate access credentials, follow these steps:


  1. In the Description field, enter the reason why you want to grant access to your partner.
  2. Select one, several, or all roles from the drop-down list. You must select at least one role. The selected roles are displayed as tags in the field. To delete a role, click the cross next to the tag.
  3. Click Generate. The following message is displayed: “Your API credential was successfully created!” Two unique credentials are created: ClientID and ClientSecret.
  4. Click Copy: The credential is automatically placed on the clipboard.
  5. Forward the credentials to your partner, who will create a token, which is necessary for accessing AB Tasty routes.


Heads up ⚡


If you refresh the page, the information will be lost and you will have to repeat the process.

Refer to the Public API Documentation post in the Developer Portal for more information on creating a token using the credentials.


❗Caution: Credentials are sensitive information. Delete the email from your sent folder after sharing credentials and ask the recipient to do the same.


Once access has been generated, it is displayed in the Your credential history section below the form.

Revoking access


If you’d like to revoke anyone’s access and make their API keys invalid, follow these steps: 


  1. In Your credential history, click Revoke Access. The following message will be displayed: “Are you sure? Every integration linked to that access will not work anymore. Are you sure you want to continue?”
  2. Click Yes, revoke access to confirm, or No to cancel.


Accesses that have been revoked can still be viewed in Your credential history.

Running a search


Once created, access credentials are displayed in reverse chronological order.


To search for access credentials, follow these steps:


  1. Enter a word found in the Created by, Description, or Role columns into the search field in the top right-hand corner of the history section.
  2. Click the magnifying glass or hit Enter.


The relevant results will be displayed.

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