Performance Center

The Performance Center enables you to monitor the size of your generic AB Tasty tag. It displays a list of guidelines to enhance the tag’s performance on your account.

The Performance Center has two sections: 

  • Performance Guidelines
  • Campaign Performance


Performance Guidelines

The Performance Guidelines page is displayed by default when you click on the Performance Center. Once on the page, you can see the global performance of your AB Tasty tag, as well as recommendations and improvements when available.

A notification badge will be displayed next to the Performance menu when there are performance issues.


Tag size

The current tag size is displayed, and its performance will be indicated by its color: Green for OK and Yellow to indicate that it needs improvements.


The tag is composed of four elements:

  • Deferred campaigns: Size of all your campaigns set as ‘deferred’. A visitor won't necessarily download all of them, but it is the maximum package that can be delivered to them. This data is not included in the global tag size.
  • Account and campaign data: Files containing your campaign and account data. The more campaigns and options you have, the bigger it will be.
  • Core: AB Tasty’s core engine files. You can’t modify its content.
  • JQuery


Tag size history

You can also view the tag size evolution on the Performance Guidelines page. The graph displays a breakdown of the tag size, per component. You can also filter the data by choosing from either the past 30 days (default), 3 months or 12 months.

This history will help identify when the tag size has changed and what has been increased.


Recommendations and improvements

The second part of the "Performance guidelines" page displays a list of issues and required improvements in your AB Tasty tag. Problems are displayed in red, and improvements, in yellow. 


All other items meeting the guidelines are displayed in green.

Here are the nine elements to monitor to ensure good tag performance:

  • Tag weight
  • Heavy campaigns
  • Live campaigns with Ajax mode
  • Old widget version
  • Old campaigns running
  • jQuery injection
  • Account JavaScript size
  • Website domain
  • Campaigns loading 

You can find more information about the Performance Guidelines here.


Campaign performance

The Campaign Performance page is a feature on our platform that provides a detailed and campaign-centric view of your campaigns and their impact on your overall tag performance.

It is a sub-page of the Performance Center, which is available in the main navigation.



The Campaign Performance shows all your recent campaigns, including those that are currently live, live in QA, or have been paused within the last 30 days. They are sorted in chronological order, with priority given to those that need optimization. With this page, you will be able to identify which campaigns need optimization and take action to improve their performance.

Some of the key features include:


  • Loading method: This feature tells you the loading method the user has chosen for the campaign, whether it is loaded instantly or deferred. This information is provided for the user to confirm their choice.
  • Widget version: This feature shows whether a campaign is using an outdated widget. Outdated widgets can affect the performance of your campaigns.
  • Targeting verification: This feature checks if the campaign is using an outdated AJAX mode. An obsolete targeting method can negatively impact the performance of your campaigns.
  • Campaign duration: This feature tells you if the campaign has been running for more than 12 months. A campaign that has been running for a long time may require optimization to keep its performance optimal.


The green/yellow color indicator on the page indicates which campaign needs optimization. A yellow color indicates that optimization is needed. By viewing these key features, you can quickly identify which campaigns may be negatively impacting your overall tag performance, and optimize them.


Filtering options

The page also provides an easy way to edit campaigns, and filter by type, status, and optimization, to help you navigate and optimize your campaigns efficiently.


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