Integration general information

This guide will help you configure the integration of AB Tasty using your web analytics tool or any other tools or platforms for which integration is made possible within the AB Tasty interface.


Concept and Definition


Integration is a connection between AB Tasty and a third-party tool (Analytics tools, DMPs, CDPs,…). When the connection is established, tools can exchange data.

The integration allows the realization of specific use cases involving both tools. A basic example would be to create an audience in a third-party tool and to display an AB Tasty variation to the same audience. 

Integrations are set up directly within the interfaces (AB Tasty + Partner) and require no specific programming skills.


How to access


The Integration pages enable you to create, set up, and manage the integrations with the third-party tools available.

To access the integration page, click the profile icon in the top right corner and click Integrations


The Integration page is split into two sub-pages that reflect the different types of integrations you can use:

  • Web Analytics
  • DMP & CRM Onboarding

Sub-pages are accessible via the left panel. 

Web Analytics General Set-up


AB Tasty offers a very simple and detailed report interface. However, you may prefer to read your test results directly in the Analytics tool you are used to, and where you have already defined your objectives.



This section is used to create, set up, and manage the integrations that send campaign information viewed by your website visitors to your web analytic tools. This will process them directly in their reporting interface.


Good to know 💡

Currently, there are two ways to set up a web analytics integration:

  • At the campaign level
  • At the account level

These two different setup processes are complementary and detailed below.


Campaign Level Configuration


The campaign-level setup allows your campaign to send data to the analytics tool of your choice. This setup is configured at the 6th step of the campaign setup funnel (Advanced options step).

To edit the campaign-level integration, and configuration, open the Advanced options step of your campaign and select your tool from the drop-down list. You can activate multiple integrations simultaneously.



Some analytics tools like Google Analytics require additional settings, which appear in a form panel.



Once launched, your test will start sending data to all the analytics services that you've configured there.


Good to know 💡

Please note that this configuration is not shared with other tests. To make all your campaigns use the same analytics integration configuration, please check the next paragraph.


Account-level configuration 


The account-level setup allows your integration to be configured by default on all your campaigns (not retroactive).

Configure the account-level configuration in the settings panel Integration_in_ABT_05.png > Integrations > Web Analytics tools.



Here, you will find the same Analytics services as in the campaign’s Advanced Options drop-down list, and the same additional settings for each service



Every new campaign will automatically be populated with these account-level settings. However, you may configure different integrations for each one, with the campaign-level configuration taking priority over the account-level configuration.

This means that if you enable Google Analytics 4 in the account-level configuration, Google Analytics 4 integration will be activated by default for every upcoming campaign. If you want a campaign to stop sending data to Google Analytics 4, simply remove Google Analytics 4 from the campaign-level configuration in the test’s Advanced Options.


Good to know 💡

Please note that changes made to the account-level configuration are not applied retroactively to previously created campaigns. They only apply to newly launched campaigns.


The “Other Web Analytics tools” integrations : 

  • Google Analytics 4 
  • Heap
  • Tealium


The “Mostly used” integrations : 

  • Google Analytics (Universal)
  • Google Analytics (legacy) 
  • AT Internet
  • AT Internet SmartTag 
  • Omniture / Adobe Analytics
  • Advalo
  • Amplitude
  • Eulerian
  • Heap Analytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Segment
  • SessionCam 
  • Ysance 
  • Custom integration


If you wish to have an integration with a tool that is not on the list, please send us a request using our Feedback request process.

CDP & CRM Onboarding General Set-up


This section allows you to create, set up, and manage the integrations that will allow you to use the audience segments generated by your Data Management or CRM Onboarding tools.


This section displays the list of all available DMP & CRM Onboarding integrations for AB Tasty. 


Once a tool has been activated, the audience segments associated with it appear in the targeting options for your campaigns.



Good to know 💡

Currently, there are two ways to set up a DMP & CRM integrations :

  1. The on/off switch from the list
  2. The “Other CDP/CMP” box


We are currently working on unifying the setup experience.



  • The on/off switch list


To set up an integration, simply click the on/off switch on the right of each available integration and fill in the required fields. Integration can be deactivated by switching it off.


The following integrations are available for DMP & CRM onboarding: 

  • Bluekai
  • Ysance 
  • Krux 
  • Weborama 
  • Eulerian
  • Tag Commander 
  • Advalo 
  • Adobe Audience Manager
  • Tealium AudienceStream


If you wish to have an integration with a tool that is not on the list, please send us a request using our feedback deposit process.


  • The “Other CDP/CMP” box


To set up an integration, click the box, select an available integration from the drop-down list and fill in the required fields. Click the connect button to validate the integration. If integration is successful, it will appear below. 


Integrations can be edited by clicking on the panel to expand it. Integration can be deleted by clicking the trash icon on the right.


Web Analytics available integrations: 



If you wish to have an integration with a tool that is not on the list, please send us a request using our feedback deposit tool.


Specific Implementation CDP & CRM Onboarding Tools Guides


Each CDP or CRM platform or tool that can send cohorts to AB Tasty has a different way to integrate with AB Tasty.

Please read the following guide to get more information about these specific setups.


Using and Retrieving Your DMP and CRM Onboarding Audiences


When you have activated and configured an integration, you will be able to retrieve your tool’s audiences in AB Tasty.


Note that it may take some time for the audiences to be displayed in AB Tasty depending on the tool (see the documentation of your tool to learn more).


You can use these audiences:


  • In the segment builder  (available when you create a new segment). 


Segment Builder


Audiences and traits derived from your integrations are available in the DATA INTEGRATION criteria group. 


For each integration, you will have a corresponding item that you can drag and drop to use. 


For global information on how to build a targeting segment, please refer to this page.


Good to know 💡 - audience availability in the segment builder

For an audience to be available in the segment builder, it must not be empty, meaning that we have to identify at least one user belonging to the audience. 

Once a user is identified, the audience will appear in the segment builder. 

DataLayer Integrations


A data layer is a JavaScript object implemented into a website’s HTML code. The data layer collects information related to the interactions between the visitor and the website pages. This information is varied: it can be personal information on the visitor, the currency used for purchases, the product categories available on the website, etc. It is always made up of a name and variable pair (for instance, Site_currency is a name and USD is the variable). 

This data is forwarded to a Tag Management System (TMS), to be centralized and later utilized when preparing marketing actions targeting visitors.


To be precise, with AB Tasty, if the pages of your website feature a data layer, you can use the data made available to you to target visitors during a campaign.

You will need to select the TMS used to manage your data layer via your AB Tasty account settings.


The following TMSs are supported by AB Tasty:


  • TagCommander
  • Tealium
  • Google Tag Manager.


If you are using a TMS other than those listed above, simply define a custom data layer and specify the JavaScript object containing your data in the dedicated field.


Select the Data Layer Manager

You need to select the TMS that enables you to access your data layer information.


To do this, follow the steps below:


  1. Log in to the AB Tasty platform.
  2. Click Integration_in_ABT_12.png , then Settings > Integrations.
  3. Click the Data layer.
  4. Select the desired TMS from the drop-down list.
  5. Click Save.


If you are using a TMS other than those available on the list, select Custom from the drop-down list and enter the JavaScript object that matches your data layer.


Once the configuration is complete, you may use your data layer to add visitors to your campaigns. For further information, refer to Data layer targeting.

Other Integrations


AB Tasty offers other integrations that will help you execute different use cases. See details in the following sections:

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