How to create a segment

A segment is a cluster of visitors that share some identical traits, as defined by you. Visitors who match these segment criteria are the only ones who will see the campaign on your website.


Where to create your segments

From the Segment page, click on the CTA Create segment.


You can also create a new segment in the targeting step of your campaign, inside the segment selection dropdown, by clicking on "Create new segment":


How to create new segments

To create a new segment, follow these steps:

  1. Click Create new segment 
  2. The Segment builder opens:

  3. From there, you will find a list of criteria categories that will help you define your segment. Click the chevron to access specific options for that category.
  4. Drag and drop your criteria from the left panel list to the working area on the right.
  5. Each criterion will present different specificities. Fill in the requested fields depending on the segment criteria you selected (see below for additional explanations on each criterion), and how you want to target your visitors.
  6. With some criteria, you can add more conditions to your targeting by clicking Add conditions.
  7. You can combine two or more criteria using AND or OR values found inside the segment builder’s middle column:
      • AND means your campaign will only be shown to a visitor if ALL of the selected segment criteria are met (more information in the section below)
      • OR means your campaign will be shown to a visitor if at least ONE of the selected segment criteria is met
  8. Don’t forget to name your segment in the specific name field, found above the configuration space 😉.
  9. Click Save to use the segment in your campaign and save it to your account library. It will now be reusable in other campaigns (see Using a saved segment, below).
  10. Click Cancel to go back to the targeting page without saving. Note: this will erase your current configuration.

If you have created and saved a new segment, it will be automatically available in your segment list.


The available segmentation criteria

If you need more information about the available criteria to build your segments (how they exactly work), please refer to our reference article about segmentation criteria. 


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