🛠️ [Troubleshooting] Reasons for differences in data between Google Analytics and AB Tasty

To help you save time in reading and understanding your test results, you can sign up for the Smart Report. The following points will help you understand why you may not always see the same data in test reports and Google Analytics.



Comparison between different metrics


Users often compare data from Google Analytics and AB Tasty, but it’s essential to know that we display some metrics differently from Google Analytics. To create useful comparisons, you should ensure you are displaying comparable metrics from both platforms. The best way to do this is to ensure Google Analytics is displaying the user metric.

Filters in GA that are not applied to AB Tasty data


Google Analytics uses filters that automatically discount visitor data from internal IP addresses or known robots. Unless these same filters are applied to AB Tasty’s data, results will not be comparable.

To see the filters applied by Google Analytics, go to Admin > filter.


Heads up⚡

Filters can be applied at the view level and the account level.

You can also tick a box to exclude robots known to Google. This can also minimize differences in data. Go to Admin > View > View settings.




Error in implementing one of the two tags


One of the two tags may have been poorly implemented, causing information to be sent twice – or not sent at all. 

To check this, open a page where the test is active. Next, open Network (F12) and reload the test page. Filter by hit name to see if the tool sends a single hit of each type (page view and event).





One of the two tags is much slower than the other.


In certain cases, one tag may be much slower to load than the other, due to its position on the page, its size, or other factors. If this happens, and a user skips over the page quickly, one of the two tags may load.

To verify a tag’s loading time, use open Network (F12) and console the Time column:






Single vision in AB Tasty vs. multiple vision in GA


In AB Tasty, clicks and pages are shown as unique views. These should only be compared with “unique events” and “unique page views” in Google Analytics.


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