🛠️ [Troubleshooting] I deactivated a variation in the traffic allocation step but still see it online

When you deactivate a campaign variation in the traffic allocation step, meaning that you set the traffic to 0%, you might still see this variation online or see data in your reporting for this variation.


Note that modulation changes on a live campaign apply to new visitors only (those who see the campaign for the first time). An existing visitor who has already seen one variation will always see that same variation on subsequent visits. As the allocation information is stored in a user’s cookies, variations deactivated from the traffic allocation step are still visible for returning visitors.


Suppose you have previously been assigned to the variation in question and want to make sure it is deactivated (not visible anymore) for new visitors. In that case, you should delete your cookies or open a new Incognito window (with all other windows closed) to be considered a new visitor.

Overall, we don’t recommend changing the traffic allocation of a live campaign. If you want to do so, you should pause the current campaign and duplicate it with the desired traffic allocation.

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