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A/B test

Type of campaign that enables you to test a simple hypothesis. Visitors are directed to one or more alternative versions of a page or element to identify the most effective option.


AB Tasty tag

JavaScript code to be inserted into each page of a website that enables you to save the applied modifications with the variation editor and to track visitors’ activities on the website.


AB Tasty Transaction tag

JavaScript code to be inserted into the checkout page of a website that enables you to send transactional information (purchase, quotation, form filled, etc.) with extra variables such as the global amount, the number of items, and other useful parameters to analyze your campaigns on a transactional basis.


Action tracking

A variation editor's functionality that enables you to collect the number of events (click, hover, scroll, etc.) on the web page where a test or personalization has been created.



Set of visitors who meet one or more criteria (age, geolocalization, number of visits, etc.) and who may be specifically targeted by a campaign.


Bayesian test

Probability theory method which is based on Bayes theorem and applied to campaigns created in AB Tasty. This method enables you to identify the winning variation of a test and to estimate the extent of the gain provided by the variation.



Generic term for all types of tests and personalizations that can be created with AB Tasty.


Campaign QA process

The action of verifying that the modifications made to a website are displayed correctly and that the visitor tracking data is taken into account in the reports before making these modifications visible to all website or application visitors.


Click tracking

Variation editor’s functionality that enables you to collect the number of clicks on an element of the web page where a test or personalization has been created.



An overview of test or personalization campaigns.


Data Explorer

Tool for collecting behavioral information by running queries on the data of a specific AB Tasty account.


Dynamic traffic allocation

Option linked to traffic allocation for a test. It enables you to progressively and automatically send more traffic toward the best-performing variation based on a specific goal (click rate, bounce rate, etc.).



Target conversion type for a website (revisit, pages viewed, bounce rate, etc.). Each campaign report includes a list of goals.


Heatmap (Microsoft Clarity)

Color chart-based representation identifying the areas of a web page that visitors have clicked on. Color intensity increases as a function of visitor activity.



Measurement of visitor behavior on a website available in the campaign report (total number of visitors, conversion rate, reliability rate, etc.).


Modal or pop-in

Personalizable HTML element (message, video, or image) displayed on top of a web page. The AB Tasty widget library enables you to configure several types of modals.


Multi-page test

Type of campaign that enables you to test a simple hypothesis on several pages of a website simultaneously. Visitors allocated to the alternative version of a page will automatically be allocated to the alternative of the other test pages to guarantee journey consistency and reliable report analysis.


Multivariate test

Type of campaign that enables you to test combinations of modifications. This saves time by testing several elements at once and allows you to understand the combined impact of multiple modifications on visitor behavior.



Net Promoter Score©. A module that enables you to configure a satisfaction survey and display it on websites for visitors to assess and comment on their browsing experience.



Type of campaign that enables you to modify the content of your website or application, either for all traffic or a specific audience.


Predictive test

Type of campaign for which the dynamic traffic allocation option has been enabled. Depending on the selected goal, users are progressively allocated to the winning variation.


Redirect test / Split test

Type of campaign that enables you to test an entirely new web page thanks to a permanent redirect (301). This type of test is used within the framework of a total web page revamp and enables you to determine the success or failure of the new page compared to the old one.



Analysis interface available for each test or personalization, which presents the visits, actions, and behavior of visitors allocated to the campaign. Each report includes a list of goals and indicators that enable you to determine the winning version of a test or the performance of a personalization campaign.



Group of visitors with shared characteristics (identity, interests, or habits) based on historical data gathered over time.


Session recording (Microsoft Clarity)

A functionality that enables you to record the activity of successive visitors to a web page in the form of a video. Playing the video enables you to identify possible sticking points that visitors may experience and to improve the web page.



Campaign configuration step. Enables you to specify the pages of the website and the segment to which your modifications will apply, and their trigger (conditions).


Targeting criteria

Characteristics (age, geolocalization, number of visits, etc.) used to create a segment or a trigger.


Traffic allocation

Campaign configuration step that enables you to break down the percentage of visitors over multiple test variations or personalization scenarios.



Temporary user condition that enables you to display the campaign in the right context.

The trigger enables the campaign to be displayed only when the circumstances are met, and to the segment of visitors, you configured.


Unique visitor(s)

A Unique Visitor is a visitor that is identified by a unique ID that doesn’t change across sessions. A user who visits the same page several times will be identified and only counted once. Each campaign will also display on the dashboard the total number of unique visitors associated with it.



Within the context of a test campaign, the variant of the original version of a website or application which is subjected to one or more modifications. The effectiveness of the variation is measured in comparison to the original version, based on previously selected and configured goals.


Variation editor

A tool on the AB Tasty platform that enables you to modify the pages of a website by applying a JavaScript overlay to it.



An HTML element that enables you to display content on a website (modal, banner, etc.). The convenience of widgets lies in their ease of use, thanks to a configuration tool that does not require any knowledge of code and enables you to personalize styles and content in a few clicks.

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