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• What happens when I deactivate a campaign variation at the traffic allocation step?


When you deactivate a campaign variation at the traffic allocation step – meaning that you set the traffic to 0% – you might still see this variation online or see data coming through the reporting for this variation. 

Note that modulation changes on a live campaign only apply to new visitors (those who see the campaign for the first time). A visitor who sees a variation always sees the same variation during their current and following sessions. As the allocation information is stored in the cookies, variations that are deactivated from the traffic allocation step are still visible for returning visitors.

If you have previously been assigned the variation in question and want to make sure it is deactivated (not visible anymore), you must delete your cookies or open a new incognito window (with all other windows closed) to be considered a new visitor.

However, we don’t recommend changing the traffic allocation of a live campaign. If you want to do this, you should pause the current campaign and duplicate it with the desired traffic allocation.


• Why does traffic modulation seem inconsistent with my settings?


The reporting may show differences between the percentage of visitors assigned to each variation. For example, you’ve defined a 50/50 traffic modulation and your report shows a different split.

These differences may be due to there not being enough traffic on the campaign. When a visitor lands on the website for the first time, they are randomly assigned a variation (or the original version). If they visit the website again, they will remain assigned to the same variation. However, if there is very little traffic on the website, its distribution between the variations may not be even.

For example, out of 10 visitors, seven could be assigned to variation 1 and three to variation 2. With 100 visitors, you may have 60 visitors who will see variation 1 and 40 who will see variation 2. The more visitors visit the website, the more you will tend towards a 50/50 distribution. 

You may see a difference in the distribution of up to 12.4% with 1,000 visitors; 4.32% with 10,000 visitors; and 1.1% with 100,000 visitors. The difference drops to just 0.37% when you hit a million visitors.


• Traffic allocation was changed after the campaign launched


You can check if traffic allocation was changed via the campaign history tab in your campaign reporting.

If this is the case, it is more likely that traffic modulation won’t be respected because the visitors who had already been assigned to a variation (or to the original version) won’t be impacted by this change. As they already have the information stored in the AB Tasty cookie of their browser, they will always see the same version, meaning that traffic modulation changes will only apply to new visitors. 

For example, if your campaign was originally 50/50 and you change it to 70/30, there’s a chance your campaign will never actually reach 70/30.


• Why does the number of visitors distribution on the report not match the "Traffic Allocation" setting?


The golden rule of AB Tasty is that the visitors assigned to a specific variation will still be assigned to this same variation until the campaign is paused or deleted (or until the cookie expiration date is reached).

The consequence is that any traffic allocation configuration will have an impact on the next one.

So if the traffic allocation has been changed multiple times during a campaign lifespan, the real allocation in the report may be far from the last one set.

This one may not be reached (or after an extremely long time).


• I set my traffic allocation to 0, why is there still data in my report?


It may seem weird, but if the traffic is set to 0 (after having been set differently), we can have conversions on the original due to the old visitors that are still assigned to the original.


• The traffic was set to 50/50 once (according to the logs) but the result in the report is not balanced. How is it possible?


The campaign was originally duplicated from a test with a traffic allocation not set to 50/50 (example: duplicated from a test with 20/80)

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