Account customization

Some items in your account information are configurable. You can change the account name, configure a time zone, and set a default currency.

These changes can only be carried out if you have administrator rights for the account.

For more information, please refer to the Login Guide.

Account name


If you are the administrator of several accounts, use the drop-down list in the top right-hand corner of the interface to select the account where you want to make the changes.


To change the name of an account:

  1. Click , then Account > General information
  2. Go to the Account name field
  3. Make your changes
  4. Click Save – the changes apply to the interface immediately.





A timezone is a  geographic region within which the same standard time is used. 

Time zones tend to follow the boundaries between countries and their subdivisions instead of strictly following longitude, because it is convenient for areas in frequent communication to keep the same time.


All time zones are defined as offsets from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), ranging from UTC−12:00 to UTC+14:00. The offsets are usually a whole number of hours, but a few zones are offset by an additional 30 or 45 minutes, such as in India, South Australia and Nepal.


Some areas of higher latitude use daylight saving time for about half of the year, typically by adding one hour to local time during spring and summer.

Source: wikipedia


AB Tasty is using the IANA database, which is a collaborative compilation of information about the world's time zones, primarily intended for use with computer programs and operating systems.


Choosing a Timezone for your account

Each account has to be linked to a timezone. If your website is used in several countries or in a country that use several timezones (such as the United States of America), you’ll still need to select one reference timezone to set-up your account. 


Main usage of the timezone

The chosen timezone will manage the timestamp for the following main use cases:



  • Start date and hour of a campaign - appears in dashboards and reports
  • Pause date and hour of a campaign - appears in dashboards and reports
  • The dates and times at which visitors carried out actions on your site are recorded in the reports and displayed as a function of the configured timezone.



  • Scheduled start date and hour of a campaign - appears in dashboards and reports and triggers the campaign start action
  • Scheduled pause date and hour of a campaign - appears in dashboards and reports and triggers the campaign stop action


In general, all the timestamps which are available and displayed into the platform are based on the offset of the selected timezone. 


How to change the timezone

To change the timezone of your account:

  1. Click , then Account > General information
  2. Click the drop-down list in the Default timezone section
  3. Select the desired timezone
  4. Click Save


Important: new procedure to choose a timezone - last update 6th of June 23 


In June 2023, AB tasty changed the way it is operating timezones for a better and more relevant system. 


The Principles and differences between the new system and the former one

  • Former system: 

Until now the user chose a "timezone" for his account in the settings and this timezone was registered as an offset to UTC (example UTC+2, UTC+3).

But a timezone does not correspond necessarily to a single offset and can change during the year, the best example being the switch between winter and summer time (in Paris the offset changes from UTC+2 to UTC+1, twice a year).

This can cause regular shifts on the date display and on the services using the dates like the campaign scheduler, if the one who programs it does not take into account the shift when choosing his programming time. 


  • New system:

Instead of a static mapping between timezones and offsets, AB Tasty evolves and proposes from now on the use of the service in IANA format, and lets now the libraries specialised in dates transform and reformat the offset when it is necessary in these particular cases. 

So when a user schedules a campaign, he will no longer have to worry about possible offsets between the real time and the one on which the timezone of his account is based.


Good to know for this transition period:

Some users are already paying attention to these shifts and are already changing their programming dates accordingly. When the new service will be in place, it is therefore imperative that they no longer make this effort to shift, at the risk of shifting their start/end of campaign by one hour again. 


  • Use case 1: I have previously chosen my timezone according to my geographical area 

I have chosen my timezone by selecting Paris in the settings, the offset currently associated is UTC+1 and has not moved since the switch to daylight saving time in March 2023, while Paris is actually now on UTC+2, and will remain so until the switch to daylight saving time in October 2023, when it will return to UTC+1, its official offset. 

My account will be migrated to the new service: my timezone will remain "Paris" in the settings but the application will use the right offset which is now UTC+2. This change of dynamic offset will allow me not to have to take into account the winter and summer time in the programming of my future campaigns


👉 What should I do? 

Absolutely nothing, the change is automatic and invisible for me. I simply have to ignore the difference between summer and winter time and program my campaigns as if there was no time change. 


  • Use case 2: I chose my timezone according to the UTC, the offset I wanted to "force" on my account

I chose the timezone UTC+2 Kaliningrad, South Africa, Cairo in the settings, because I wanted a UTC+2 offset for my AB Tasty account. After switching to the new service, I will automatically switch to the Cairo timezone and therefore to UTC+3.

This is due to the fact that the IANA system has a slightly different correspondence between geographical zones <> offsets than the one previously used. Cairo is now dissociated from Kaliningrad, South Africa and is listed in UTC+3


👉 What should I do? 

I have 2 solutions:

    • I can select again a timezone which corresponds to the desired offset of UTC+2
    • or I can leave the Cairo timezone, but will have to take this offset into account when reading the timestamps of the application and if I program campaigns


Tables of correspondence to choose/ validate your new timezone


Possible conflicts and AB Tasty default choice


How to use the table of correspondance? 

Imagine you have set-up the offset -0300 (UTC-3), this offset was associated to 2 distinct timezone in our former correspondence table: “America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires” and “America/Santiago”.

After the migration, your account willl be automatically migrated to the timezone “America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires”.

  • If you are located in this area, and you want to keep the offset -0300, you have nothing to do
  • If you are located in “America/Santiago” and want to update your offset to the official one (-0400), you’ll need to change your timezone to “America/Santiago
  • If you are located in “America/Santiago” and want to keep your initial offset -0300, you have nothing to do


Current chosen offset in the account Possible Timezones associated to your current offset New default timezone starting May 23
-0000 Europe/London Europe/London
-0000 Atlantic/Azores  Europe/London
-0300 America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires
-0300 America/Santiago America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires
-0400 America/Santiago America/Santiago
-0400 America/New_York  America/Santiago
-0600 America/Mexico_City America/Mexico_City
-0600 America/Denver  America/Mexico_City
-0700 America/Denver America/Denver
-0700 America/Los_Angeles America/Denver
-0800 America/Los_Angeles America/Los_Angeles
-0800 America/Anchorage America/Los_Angeles
+0100 Europe/Brussels Europe/Brussels
+0100 Europe/London Europe/Brussels
+0200 Africa/Cairo Africa/Cairo
+0200 Europe/Brussels  Africa/Cairo
+0300 Asia/Baghdad Asia/Baghdad
+0300 Africa/Cairo  Asia/Baghdad
+1100 Asia/Magadan Asia/Magadan
+1100 Australia/Sydney Asia/Magadan

Other correspondences without conflict


This table presents the offset/ timezone binomials which don't change with the new system and the migration.

Current chosen offset in the account Timezones associated to your current offset
-0100 Atlantic/Azores 
-0430 America/Caracas
-0500 America/New_York
-0900 America/Anchorage
-1000 Pacific/Honolulu 
+0400 Asia/Yerevan
+0530 Asia/Kolkata 
+0700 Asia/Bangkok 
+0800 Asia/Hong_Kong
+0900 Asia/Tokyo
+1000 Australia/Sydney
+1300  Pacific/Auckland



Default currency


You can also configure a default currency for your account. This information is visible in your test reports and enables you to display transaction data in your desired currency.


To select a default currency:

  1. Click , then Account > General information
  2. Click the drop-down list in the Default currency section

  3. Select the desired currency
  4. Click Save


Good to know 💡

Carrying out this configuration enables you to display your data in the test reports as a function of the currency used on your website. However, this functionality isn't a currency converter. If you alter the currency of your account, the values displayed in the reports will remain the same – only the monetary symbol will change.


List of currencies available in AB Tasty


ISO code

Name of currency

Monetary symbol




American dollar



Russian ruble



Australian dollar



Canadian dollar



British pound



Japanese yen



Chinese yuan



Swiss franc



Swedish krona



Polish zloty



Brazilian real



Romanian leu



Hungarian forint



Thai baht 



New Taiwan dollar



Indonesian rupiah



Malaysian ringgit



Indian rupee


South Korean won 


United Arab Emirates Dirham



Singapore dollar

S$ or $


New Zealand dollar


Hong Kong dollar



Danish krone



Czech Crown




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