AB Tasty platform overview

How to access the AB Tasty platform


AB Tasty doesn’t provide free and direct access to the platform. To log in to the platform, you need to get in touch with our commercial team. Please refer to this page to contact us.

Once your account has been created by our team, you’ll receive an email with all the information needed to connect for the first time and create a password. Please refer to this guide for more information. 


General navigation


Once logged in to the platform, you’ll land directly on the Test dashboard


Navigation panel

The navigation panel is a collapsible panel positioned on the left side of your screen. It gives access to the main features of the platform, such as Tests, Personalization, Audience, Components, Data Explorer, ROI Dashboard, and more. 





The "What’s new?" section opens a panel on the right with the latest changelogs and the history of previous ones. If the bell has a red numeric circle, this means a new changelog article has been added and not seen.


Help gives you direct access to the following: 

  • Documentation: this current knowledge base
  • Submit feedback: a specific board you can access (because you’re logged in to the AB Tasty platform) to post new requests about the product or the documentation, vote for the existing requests, and communicate directly with our Product team
  • Contact us: an Intercom widget for chatting with our support team

"Switch App" button


The "Switch App" button is a feature that allows users to easily switch between the different platforms of AB Tasty: AB Tasty, Flagship, and Epoq. It is located in the lower section of the navigation panel, providing easy access to users while they navigate through the platform.

When clicked, it brings up a menu of the available options for the user to switch to.



At the top of the screen, the header displays the following: 

  • The Tag information and refresh option
  • Your user rights (admin, user, creator, viewer)
  • The current account – you can use the dropdown to switch from one account to another if you have access to several accounts


The Profile picto gives you access to the following sections: 


  • Account management: for platform preferences shared at the account level 
  • Profile: for your personal preferences on the platform
  • Settings: all the account’s settings 
  • Integrations: direct access to integration options
  • Performance Center: direct access to the performance dashboard

On the right of the screen, in purple, you’ll find the component Need help. Click it to open a panel featuring all knowledge base articles. This feature is useful when you need to check information in the knowledge base but want to stay on the platform. All the knowledge base articles are accessible from this panel. 

Main features


To access the main features of the platform, follow these paths:


Tests list / Create a new test campaign: 


Personalizations list / Create a new personalization campaign: 


Prioritization of personalizations list / Create or manage a prioritization rule: 


Audience: list your segments / Create a new segment


Widgets Library: list your widgets and components / Create a new custom widget


Data Explorer


ROI Dashboard


Reporting of a campaign

There is no direct access to the whole list of reports. To access a specific report for a campaign, you can: 






Setting options


All the account and personal set-up options are available through the menu.

  • Click on the user icon in the green header


  • Click one of the shortcuts – Account management, Profile, Settings, Integrations, Performance Center – and you’ll be able to customize all settings for that option

You can also customize your settings by visiting https://app2.abtasty.com/settings/account-informations




To return to the main screen, click Back to Dashboard at the top left. 

Chat with our support team


If you need additional help or a personalized response to any question, you can chat with our support team by clicking on the Intercom bubble at the bottom right of the platform.

Sign out of the platform


To sign out of the platform, open the menu on the top right by clicking the icon. If you’re logged in to AB Tasty on different browsers or sessions, a pop-up will ask you if you want to log out of all sessions. We recommend that you use this option to be sure that your session is securely ended.


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