Implementing the AB Tasty tag via Shopify

The AB Tasty extension for Shopify lets you implement the generic AB Tasty tag in your website, using your Shopify admin.


Good to Know 💡

You must be an AB Tasty customer to use the extension. You will need your AB Tasty identifier (the ID of your tag) to complete the installation.


Installing the AB Tasty extension via the Shopify App store

Step 1: Install the AB Tasty extension

The first step is to install the AB Tasty extension in your Shopify admin. 

You can either go directly to the AB Tasty extension using the following link here or search for it in the Shopify App Store by typing “AB Tasty”.

Once you find the extension, follow the following steps:

  1. Click Install
  2. Follow the installation procedure by accepting the set-up


Step 2: Log in to your AB Tasty account

Now that the AB Tasty extension is installed, you need to link it to your AB Tasty account. 


Good to Know 💡
Only AB Tasty customers can link their account. Contact our sales team for a trial account of our solution.


To link your account, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Enable Extension button.
  2. Add your AB Tasty identifier (ID of your tag). 

The identifier can be found in your AB Tasty account, in the Generic tag page.

In section 2 of the page, you will find your tag in synchronous and asynchronous mode. 

Select the highlighted part in the screenshot below, i.e. your tag's alphanumeric identifier (in red in the example below):

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

  1. Click Save

Your AB Tasty tag is now implemented on your Shopify e-commerce website. 


Step3: Verify your AB Tasty tag

To ensure that your generic tag is correctly implemented, create an A/B test campaign from the AB Tasty interface. You can then add click trackings that you have selected in the "goals" step, and that you target on all your pages, on all your traffic, and without any particular trigger conditions.

Launch your campaign, then go to the reporting of the test: 

  • If you see data on your reporting, your tag is correctly set up.
  • If no data comes up several minutes after the campaign has been launched, please refer to this troubleshooting article, or check that the identifier you have entered is the right one.


Extension features

The AB Tasty extension is fully compatible with Shopify's new "Pixel" tracking and third-party scripting model

The tag is injected asynchronously (type = async) on all your website's pages. It is not possible to implement it synchronously on Shopify. It will therefore be downloaded and executed in parallel with all other resources as soon as the page is loaded.


AB Tasty will operate as follows: 

The AB Tasty generic tag will be placed on all pages of your website, except for checkout pages (by checkout, we mean the whole payment funnel, excluding the shopping cart). This restriction applies to all Shopify partner tools. More information in the Shopify developer documentation.

This means that you will be able to: 

  • Test and personalize your entire website, including the shopping cart page, except for checkout pages. 
  • Track any event on your website, including transactions.


How does AB Tasty enable you to track checkout events? 

To track events on the checkout, it is not possible to directly use the AB Tasty tag (which cannot be executed there). For these pages, the extension uses the Shopify API. This way, you'll be able to track, for all your campaigns

  • Transactions and associated metrics: transaction rate, number of visitors who have done at least one transaction, total number of transactions, average basket, number of items per transaction, average item price per transaction, and so on. 

The name of the associated transaction goal will be "Purchase".

  • The dimensions associated with each transaction: currency, voucher use, payment method, delivery method, and so on.


Good to Know 💡

For vouchers, please refer to the specific section on voucher collection.

  • Page views: cart page, review page


For other click tracking and custom tracking events, you need to declare the events to be tracked directly in your Shopify admin. See tracker set-up section.


Good to Know 💡

Collecting the "voucher" dimension

If a discount code ("voucher") has been entered by the buyer, it will be sent to data collection and available in AB Tasty reporting. The associated transaction amount will be the one with the discount applied.

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