List of Performance Guidelines

Tag weight

 Tag weight should be under 125 KB.

A big tag is slower to download and thereby may affect your website performance.

⚙️ Fix: Follow the guidelines listed below.


Heavy campaigns 

Campaigns should not contain too much code.

The more code you add to your campaigns, the larger it will be and the heavier the global tag. In addition, large chunks of code take time to be analyzed by the browser, and this may slow your website and cause a flickering effect. We recommend that you do not manage heavy page reformatting with AB Tasty, and that you avoid inserting large files such as images or lists and tabs directly into the editor. If you need external resources, you can host them directly on your website.

⚙️ Fix: Go to each listed campaign to review and pause them or remove unused code.


Live campaigns with Ajax mode

Remove your live campaigns using the Ajax mode

The Ajax option (targeting verification “at regular intervals until the conditions are met”) in the targeting step has been deprecated because it had a very high-performance cost. It enabled you to detect an event that occurs after the initial page loads and triggers the campaign.
Campaigns now use the ”when the page loads” targeting mode by default. If you need a “regular intervals” targeting verification for your campaigns, you can use any of the alternatives that have been implemented to replace it.

⚙️ Fix: Pause or duplicate the impacted campaigns (if any). If you still want your campaigns to run with a targeting verification at regular intervals, duplicate them and use one of our alternative solutions listed here.


Old widget version

Avoid having live campaigns using an old widget version.

We constantly update our widgets to make them lighter and more efficient. When running an old campaign or duplicating a campaign, you may have an outdated widget that adds weight to your campaign and global tag.

⚙️ Fix: Pause your impacted campaigns (if any, and if you can) or consider creating a fresh new one for each one of them. Do not duplicate campaigns that are too old, as the widget version will follow.


Old campaigns running

Old campaigns should no longer be running on your account.

Letting a campaign run for several months is rarely best practice for the following reasons:

  • The changes you made in your old campaigns may be different from what is now hard-coded on your website, and you may have forgotten that these campaigns are still running.
  • Old campaigns are adding unnecessary weight to the AB Tasty tag.

⚙️ Fix: Hard-code the modifications of your campaign(s) on your website, pause the campaign(s) or replace them.


jQuery injection

If you don’t need jQuery, remove the jQuery injection.

When using AB Tasty, you may want to create your campaigns using jQuery. To achieve this, you can either use the version of jQuery already implemented on your website, or use AB Tasty to inject its own version directly into the tag (approximately 40 KB). We highly recommend that you don’t select the last option, as it will add a lot of additional weight to your tag.

⚙️ Fix: Consider removing jQuery injection if you don't need it or using your own jQuery library.


Account JavaScript size

Keep your account code light and efficient.

Using JavaScript at the account level implies the execution of JS scripts on each page where the AB Tasty tag is implemented and before each campaign (as long as you have at least one live campaign). This is particularly useful to set up trackings such as Action Tracking and the transaction tag. However, executing scripts on each loaded page implies having it as small and efficient as possible. Avoid using loops and any other resources consuming tools.

⚙️ Fix: You should review and optimize your account JavaScript code. To do so, consider removing unused code or hard-coding it directly in your website.


Website domain

Specify the domain on which the AB Tasty tag is operating for your account.

To secure the implementation of your tag on your domain and prevent its execution on any other domain, you must define it in your account settings. To do so, enter the domain on which you will implement your AB Tasty tag. The tag will operate only on the domain you have filled out. You can also restrict the tag implementation to a specific subdomain. In this case, the tag will refuse to execute on a subdomain that is not listed.

⚙️ Fix: From the Generic Tag page of the Settings, enter your website domain in the "Choose the domain to implement your tag on" section. Note that only an admin or super admin can perform this action.


Campaigns loading

Use instant campaign loading only when necessary.

When creating a campaign, it is, by default, set to “deferred” loading. This means the campaign will only be downloaded and executed when the targeting criteria are validated, preventing a visitor to have unnecessary content downloaded on his browser.

You should keep your campaigns with these settings unless you spot a significant flickering effect.

⚙️ Fix: From the Advanced options step, check that your campaigns which don't need an instant loading are set to "deferred".


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