Asset Library


The Asset Library allows you to create, manage and delete assets in your library. Those assets are images that then belong to your AB Tasty portal, receive their own “” URL and can be used in your campaigns, widgets, etc.

Accessing the Asset Library

To view and use the Asset Library:

  1. From the main navigation, go to “Library”
  2. In the “Content” subsection, click on “Assets”

Creating a New Asset

To create a new asset, in the top right corner of the Asset Library page, click on the “Upload New Asset” button.


This will open a space that allows you to upload an image to the Asset Library:


Uploading images that already exist on your computer

You can click at the center of the pop-up to trigger a file search of the image on your computer, as shown in the image below. Then you would have to browse through your files and find the image to upload.

This image upload supports jpg, png, svg, web, tff, otf and avif file extensions and a maximum image size of 2MB. 


Uploading images via a URL

Your image might already exist on a website, or hosted on your own server, hence having its own URL.

You can copy & paste the URL in the “Asset URL” text box at the bottom of the box and click on “Upload” so that AB Tasty can fetch that image from the URL and store it in the Asset Library.

Viewing uploaded assets

Once uploaded, the assets will appear in the Asset Library page:

The top left “Storage Overview” shows how many assets exist and the total storage space they take. In the image above, there are 3 images, taking up a total of 88kB of storage space.

Below them is a search bar and a sorting dropdown that help find assets after you upload them.


Searching for assets in your library

During the process of uploading, the asset will take the same name of the file as it was on your computer/in the URL.

Using the search bar, you can search that name to filter any asset which might have the same name:


The “Sort By” dropdown allows you to sort all or only your searched assets in alphabetical order or “Upload Date”, which puts the most recently uploaded first.


Editing an Asset

An asset can have its name and alt text edited by hovering over the asset and clicking on the pencil icon.


The Asset Name and Alt text can be freely edited.

The AB Tasty URL Link can be copied and used elsewhere (hence an AB Tasty asset).

The information given are its size (in pixels), owner email address, and the time of upload in Unix timestamp (in milliseconds).


Deleting an asset

To delete an asset, simply hover over one asset and press on the “bin” icon to delete it.


A prompt will ask you to confirm to delete it:

Using an asset in a campaign

This asset (image) is now available for you to use in any of your campaigns. An example of how these assets can be used is to go to:

  1. One of your campaigns
  2. Open the Visual Editor
  3. Add a widget
  4. Choose the “Before-After Image” (because this widget uses images)

  1. Click on the “Content” tab
  2. Click on “Replace Asset”

  1. Search for your asset and Select it

In this example, the Before-After Widget requires 2 images, so 2 assets can be uploaded as shown in the image below:

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