Tag Commander

Tag Commander is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that facilitates the collection, organization, and utilization of data from various sources such as websites, mobile applications, and CRM systems. It enables the creation of customer segments, data activation for targeted marketing campaigns, as well as analysis and reporting for better understanding of customer behavior. With a focus on security and compliance, Tag Commander helps businesses enhance customer experience and optimize their marketing strategies.
The Tag Commander integration allows you to target the segments created in Tag Commander with AB Tasty


Good to Know ūüí°-Tag Commander¬† Segments

Segments are groups of users defined by a particular set of criteria, like a shared property or sequence of events. 

For further information on how to use segments, please refer to the Tag Commander documentation



Retrieving a Token provided by Tag Commander 

You need to get in touch with Tag Commander support in order to import the audiences that you created within the Tag Commander interface.

Please send an email into : support@commandersact.com 

Enabling the Integration on AB Tasty 

To enable the Integration on AB Tasty, follow the steps below:

  1. Access Integrations > Integration Hub > Pull.
  2. Search for and select Tag Commander.
  3. Click Setup connector.

  1. Give a name to your connector so you can easily retrieve it.
  2. SiteId : this siteId is your Tag Commander ID. You can find it either on the Tag Commander application or inside the URL (this field is mandatory).
  3. Token : this Token should be provided by the Tag Commander support (this field is mandatory).

The Tag Commander integration allows you to receive the segments collected in Tag Commander and to use them to create segments within AB Tasty.
Setting up the Tag Commander integration process is a process taking place on both interfaces.

Enabling the Integration on Tag Commander

Adding an external variable 

  1. Go to the Tag Commander interface 
  2. Add an external variable. Please follow this documentation. 
    1. Name : tc_data_segmentID 
    2. Category : uncategorized 
    3. Type: Alphanumeric & special chars 


Adding the Retrieve SegmentID V3 Tag Commander ACT

You must activate the ‚ÄúRetrieve SegmentID V3 tag‚ÄĚ inside your Tag Commander Interface. Please follow this documentation. This step is also mandatory. Indeed, without this activation, AB tasty is not able to import the segments from Tag Commander



Using and Retrieving Your Tag Commander Segments 

Once you have activated and configured an integration, you can retrieve Tag commander Segments in the segment builder (available when you create a new segment).

Audiences generated by your integrations can all be found under the criteria group EXTERNAL DATA.
You can drag and drop the corresponding item to use for each integration.
For global information on how to build a targeting segment, please refer to our targeting guide.


Good to Know ūüí°- Audience availability in the Segment Builder
To be available in the segment builder, an audience must not be empty, meaning that we have to identify at least one user belonging to this audience. 

Once a user is identified, the audience will appear in the segment builder.

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