Celebrate Widget

The Celebrate widget is part of the Special widget category. For more information on the widgets, please refer to Widgets Set-up Guide.



The Celebrate widget enables you to place an icon of your choice on any element of the web page.

This can be useful:

  • to add playfulness to your website during holiday season,
  • to highlight a new product,
  • to highlight specific products (e.g. green products),
  • etc.


During this configuration step, layout, content and style changes are displayed in real time.

To apply your changes, proceed as follows:

  1. Go through each and every tab of the configuration form and select the applicable options.
  2. Click Save to save your changes.
  3. If necessary, you can click History in the toolbar on the right-hand side, then click the widget you added to reopen the configuration form and edit your changes.


Good to know 💡

An informative message is displayed if you try to create a widget when one has already been configured for that variation or scenario. Once closed, it won’t be displayed again. However, this doesn’t prevent you from creating another widget if necessary.


Three tabs (Layout, Content, Style) are available to configure the widget.

Good to know 💡

The Save button will only be enabled once you have gone through each tab.


Layout tab

Select the element of the page on which you want to hook the icon.


Content tab

Two options are available to configure your widget:

  • Select an icon among the default icons suggested by AB Tasty
  • Upload your own image by uploading it from your browser or by entering the image path.


Style tab

Select the style options (Size, Horizontal & Vertical Alignment, Horizontal & Vertical Symmetry, Rotation) you want to apply to your widget. 

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