Sticky Element Widget

The Sticky Element widget is part of the Special widget category. For more information on the widgets, please refer to Widgets Set-up Guide.



The Sticky Element widget helps you keep important elements in the viewport of your visitors. This limits confusion and reminds them of the main expected task for each page.

For example, on product pages, it can be the "Add to Cart" button, on travel websites, the "Book Now" button, on SaaS apps, the "Save" button, and so on.


Content tab


  • The "Select the Element to Stick" input allows you to select the link, button, or whole <div> that you want to make "sticky".
  • The "Foreground" toggler is toggled by default. When toggled, it allows you to change the z-index. value.
  • The "z-index" number input lets you define the z-index value in order to position your sticky element among other elements already placed on the z-axis.


Style tab


  • The "Sticky Position from Top" input number and unit select allow you to define the scroll height before the widget starts to become "sticky".
  • If the "Add Background Color" check box is ticked, then you can define a "Background color" for the selected element in the color picker.



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