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The Search & Replace widget is part of the Special widget category. For more information on the widgets, please refer to Widgets Set-up Guide.



The Search & Replace widget will help you replace all the occurrences of a word or a group of words on a page.

This is useful, for instance, for A/B testing a change in wording or microcopy, or simply to replace an old product name with a new one, or even the name of the former CEO with the new one.

The impact of this widget on your text is visible in the editor directly.


Content tab


To configure the widget:

  1. Type the word(s) you want to replace in the "Search" input.
  2. Type the word(s) you want them to be replaced within the "Replace With" input.
  3. Scope it or leave it. Leave “body” if you want to apply the changes to the whole page or select the element you want your replacement to be scoped to.
  4. Save

Be careful, this widget is case-sensitive, so if the words you want to replace are "Product X", it will not replace: 

  • product X
  • Product x
  • product x

You will need to add four widgets to cover all cases.

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