Iframe Click Tracking Widget

The Iframe Click Tracking widget is part of the Tracking widget category. For more information on the widgets, please refer to Widgets Set-up Guide.



The Iframe Click Tracking widget enables you to record clicks in an iframe (an HTML element that lets you display content from another web page (the same site or another site).

For example, YouTube videos are displayed in an iframe when you embed them in your website. It is pretty much the same thing for any web app that lets you embed a part of or the full content of a page. Generally speaking, except for websites that forbid it, any web page can be embedded in an iframe.




To configure the widget:

  1. give it a name (for the Goals setup step and the Reporting),
  2. select the <iframe> element you would like to track (use the Select Parent or Select Children option to select the right element if needed),
  3. save.

To use more than one goal, add them to the same tracking widget (by clicking on the "+" button) instead of adding another tracking widget. If you added one by mistake or if you would like to remove one inside of a tracking widget, just click on the red cross to delete it.

In order for your goal(s) to be displayed in your campaign reports, you need to add them as main or secondary goals. For more on the goal configuration step, refer to the Goal guide.

If you want to track clicks in several iframes on your page, you will need to add one widget per iframe.

To enable a fair comparison, event tracking widgets are applied to the original version and to the campaign variation(s).

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